010: Recipe for My Best Law Firm Day Ever

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

010: Recipe for My Best Law Firm Day Ever

Today was my best law firm day ever. How did it happen?

I followed a simple recipe for success.

Here it is:

1 cup of hustle;

2 tablespoons of perseverance;

12 ounces of hard work;

An entire bag of trust – in the process;

A dash of community;

A sprinkle of support; and

Let the thing cook for 11 months

It’s that hard and that easy all at the same time. To dive deeper make sure you listen to the podcast!

Christopher Small knows how to start and build successful law firms. He is the owner of CMS Law Firm, a Seattle estate planning firm, and Building a Law Firm, a site dedicated to teaching lawyers how to start a successful law firm.

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