AOL 031: How to Get Fired and Still Start a Law Firm

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 031: How to Get Fired and Still Start a Law Firm

starting a successful law firm

This week’s guest is a special one. I was lucky enough to come into contact with her when she invited me into a Facebook Group filled with lawyers that podcast. I couldn’t say no to that, and quickly found myself in a group filled with people doing very well with their law firms.

I wanted to talk to one of those successful people.

So, without further adieu, give it up for Miranda McCrosky!


I forgot to mention that the reason this show is entitled how to get fired and still start a law firm is because that is a story from Miranda’s career. She had a ton of insight, experience, and knowledge to share, and it was a pleasure to speak to her.

Here are just a couple of the things we talked about…

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