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AOL 032: Law Firm Project Management/Work Flow/Processes

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 032: Law Firm Project Management/Work Flow/Processes

how to start a law firm

This episode is all about maximizing your law firm work flow, processes, and procedures to get maximum efficiency and effectiveness from your work flow.

I didn’t just make this topic up, it’s actually a shorter version of the monthly webinar I did for the members of Law Firm Confidential. Every month I put together an hour long webinar and share some of my secrets.

This is a great episode because we move away from the marketing talk and discuss how to make the way a case moves through your office as efficient as possible, resulting in a great experience for your clients, for your staff, and for you.

And, if you are considering stepping away from your office or taking a vacation and you want to continue to make money and have work progress, this is the podcast for you.

Law Firm Project Management Resources

Here are some of the items I mentioned in the podcast:

Law Firm Confidential



How to Start a Law Firm

If you are thinking about starting a law firm and are unsure where to start, I’ve got a great, FREE program out there for you. It’s a free course I put together called “How to Start a Profitable Law Firm in 30 Days.” If you want to check it out, CLICK HERE.


  1. Bill Simms says:

    The 10 productivity tools PDF is not on this page as you stated in your podcast. Hmm Bad form.

    Also, just as an aside, I think using “AOL” is a trademark violation.

    1. Christopher Small says:


      It’s not on, it’s on a password protected page I’ve created for those that want to get it. If you are interested, simply text AOLPODCAST to 33444 or you can go to and fill out that form (once you raise your hand you get access to the guides from every single episode).

      Not sure if AOL is a trademark violation or not. I’m not a trademark lawyer. If and when AOL comes calling I’ll take care of it.



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