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Month: December 2013

Catching Up, and a Special Opportunity

I’m going to make this easy on you. Not a lot of reading here. This is an episode of the podcast you should listen to. Why? Glad you asked. First, I tell you about where I’ve been the last 6 weeks (here’s a hint – I haven’t been sitting on my butt). Second, I have an opportunity for you that could change the course of your law firm, if it’s right for you. Before I leave, I did mention one book in this week’s podcast – Strengths Finder 2.0. If you do nothing today, buy this book and take the test. And make anyone that you work with take it too (and make your wife or husband take it – I did). That’s all I’ve got this week. If you’re interested in my special opportunity, email me – chris.m.small at Look forward to hearing from you.
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