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Month: December 2014

The Power of Asking

I have been looking for people to interview for the podcast, and for a long time I wasn’t getting anywhere with it. Turns out I just wasn’t asking. The moment I started asking I started booking people for the show. If you aren’t getting any new business or any referral business, you may want to look in the mirror at yourself. Are you making the ask? And, while I’m at it, let me make two asks. First, are you a successful lawyer that wants to talk about their law firm and entrepreneurship. Or, are you someone that helps people succeed with their businesses? Email me and I’ll put you on the show. Second, are you a struggling lawyer that wants to take your business or career to the next level? Then get on my newsletter list. I guarantee you it will change your life. There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

The Perfect Time to Plant a Tree…

is 20 years ago. The second best time is today. That’s an old Chinese Proverb, I believe, and it’s words are still true today. Yes, it’s easy to look back and regret what we have yet to do. Or we could just buck up and get started today. There’s another way that old saying could go too. It would be something like: The perfect time to plant a tree would be today, the easiest time would be in a week. Just replace “tree” with whatever your New Year’s resolution is. The perfect time to start is now, but it’s so much easier to see it being done in the future (before any of the work is put in). Starting and building a successful law firm isn’t easy. Marketing a law firm requires work. You might as well get started today. I’ve decided for 2015 I’m going to blog every day. It’s going to suck. It’s going to be hard. There […]

How to Write the Perfect Law Firm Blog Post

The perfect blog post starts with an introduction of the post, right after a great image (I picked the one above because it represents perfection for me. I always try to keep the width at 700×300). The introduction sets the tone, and should have something that draws the reader in. For example, I’m writing this post to use as an example in my course Be Everywhere Blueprint, which you have to be a member of Law Firm Confidential to get. I created this course, and this post, because I know that for many of us, we know we should be blogging, but we aren’t really sure what to do to make it work. This article will at least get you past the first stage – presenting something to your potential clients that makes them want to call you. Your Next Heading Should Answer the “What” of Your Post The heading for this section has one goal – to get people […]
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