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Month: February 2016

AOL 104: 5 Reasons Law Firm SEO is Dead

Before I get going I want to say, emphatically, that you can still get business with law firm SEO. What is law firm SEO? Great question. This is the act of some potential client looking for something on google (say Kirkland estate planning attorney) and your site showing up at the top of the results. The person searching clicks on your site, and the rest is history. What I’m saying is, the old school thoughts behind SEO are dead. 5 Reasons Law Firm SEO is Dead As usual, I’ll give you the reasons. If you want to know more, listen to the podcast! First, you can’t game the system like you used to be able to. Second, Google doesn’t like SEO. Third, people don’t like it. They use other channels. Fourth, it’s too long of a game and happens naturally. Fifth, there are too many other easy ways to reach potential clients. Don’t agree? Leave a comment below and tell […]

The Easiest Way to Set Your Law Firm Apart from Everyone Else

“Hello. I’m here to pick up my will,” said the client as she walked through the door and up to the reception desk. “May I have your name please?” asked the receptionist. “Judy Smith.” (not her real name) “Uhhh, one moment please.” [receptionist scrambles back into the office] After a couple of minutes… “I am so sorry,” said the receptionist, “but your documents are not ready yet.” “Really?” said Judy. “I specifically set this appointment with you to pick them up. That’s rather disappointing.” “I’m so sorry,” says the receptionist. “I can mail them to you as soon as they are ready or you can come in and pick them up when they are ready.” “I guess you can mail them…” Cue the loss of a potentially amazing referral source, not to mention a returning client. The Easiest Way to Set Your Law Firm Apart from Everyone Else is… I wish this were an uncommon occurrence at law firms throughout […]

AOL 103: Starting a Law Firm Coaching Session with Randy Floyd

This episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast is truly like no other. And it was simply a moment of serendipity for Randy Floyd, my guest today. He emailed me a few days ago to tell me he was starting a law firm and was thinking about doing some of the same stuff I’d been doing. He wanted to chat a little bit about law firm marketing and other stuff. I, as usual, was excited to do that. But there was one small problem. I didn’t have a podcast guest this week. I figured, “why not kill two birds with one stone and record the coaching session?” I ran it by Randy and he was interested. The starting a law firm coaching session episode was born. Starting a Law Firm Challenges What’s great about business in general is that you can only have so many problems. Your problem is usually not unique. It has been experienced and conquered by people […]
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