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LFMM 041: How (and Why) to Create a Law Firm Podcast

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

LFMM 041: How (and Why) to Create a Law Firm Podcast

how to start a law firm

by Christopher Small

In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast I talk about how to start a law firm podcast.

If you are here then you probably know what podcasting is – you listen to this one every week. Hopefully you’ve seen the value that a podcast can provide to its listeners, and hopefully you’ve considered creating one yourself for you law firm.

But, I’m sure the moment you started thinking about creating a podcast for your law firm you started asking a million different questions. Those questions can probably be summed up as:

  • Why podcast?
  • How do I podcast?
  • When do I podcast?
  • What do I podcast about?

Today is your lucky day, because I’ve decided to answer all of these questions for you. By the time you’re finished listening to this you should not only know why and how to podcast, but you should be excited to get started.

Enough chit-chat. Let’s get to it.

In this session you’ll find out about:

  • Why a law firm podcast is great for SEO;
  • How to start a podcast today for FREE;
  • What the biggest fear is when it comes to podcasting and how to get over it; and
  • much much more!

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Items Mentioned in this podcast include:

The Coffee Challenge

Your coffee challenge for the week? Simple – Create one piece of content for your law firm every day this week.

That’s it. Report what happens and your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. sean bartholick says:

    Did it. This week I made content for my firm each day. I did the following things: got my signage up on the front of my office building, wrote up a press release announcing the opening of my firm in the local paper, updated info on my firm’s facebook page, set up an appointment for adspace with the local college, and wrote up my client-attorney letter explaining our office policies. Since I’m just starting out I had plenty of time to do it, but it helped because while I worked on one thing, I would get ideas for other content.

    1. That’s fantastic! Now, the trick is to keep it up. They say small hinges swing big doors, and that’s what doing a little bit every day will do for you.

  2. Ok. I am taking this challenge and trying to get my website together and start a podcast. My specialty will be Elder Law. I will report back on my progress.

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