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5 Law Firm SEO Hacks to Get You More Internet Exposure Fast

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5 Law Firm SEO Hacks to Get You More Internet Exposure Fast

We all know SEO is important, but what’s often lost in the shuffle is how to actually DO it.

That all ends today my friend.

Here are 5 Law Firm SEO Hacks to Get You More Internet Exposure Fast.

1. Long Tail Keywords

We’d all like to rank well for “seattle estate planning attorney” or “chicago personal injury lawyer” but the fact is ranking well for those keywords is only going to come with time and hard work.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t low hanging fruit out there to take advantage of.

One of the things I like to do is look around on, quora, and anywhere else I can find people asking legal questions. Then I do this…

1. I copy the question word for word as the title of my blog post.

2. I answer the question.

Chances are the person typing that question in typed it into Google before they went to any of these other sites.

And chances are that someone else has that same question (and will be typing it into Google again). Next time it happens you’ll be there to swoop in and rescue them.

2. Link Internally

Did you know that you get “link juice” (my term for Google street cred) for linking INSIDE of your site?

Now, it’s not enough to put you over the top, but if you’ve got some cornerstone content (some super long form, in-depth posts), and time you branch out and talk about a sub-topic, you should be linking back to that post.

Always look for internal linking opportunities.

3. Have a “Landing” Page for Each Practice Area

Even though I only do estate planning, I still have a couple of specific sub-genres that I work with (estate planning, probate administration, trust administration).

Instead of having one main page that talk about all of them, I have one page for each.

Then, when I do my internal linking and my external linking (which we’ll get to), I send the links to those pages.

They are set up so Google knows EXACTLY what they are about, making it more likely that a search for “Probate Attorney” will get me to the top of the list (for my probate specific page).

4. Get an Intern

Does all of this stuff sound tedious and boring and at the bottom of the list of something you’d want to do?

Then find yourself a college intern willing to come and learn a little about business and marketing and put them in charge of figuring it out.

Of course, you’ll need to teach them what they are supposed to be doing (and WHY they are doing it), but you’ll get a ton more done without having to spend much, if any, money.

Just because you own a law firm doesn’t mean you have to do it all. The faster you delegate, the faster you go (though that’s a conversation for another time)…

5. Get Links Wherever You Can

If you know anything about SEO you know the money maker for your website is getting links from other sites to your own.

This gives your site authority and is the type of third party validation that will move you up the rankings quickly (even for those extremely competitive keywords).

How do you do this?

Just start asking.

If you know friends or have colleagues with websites, ask them if you can guest post an article for them. If they are in the legal industry all the better.

When you exhaust those people (or at the same time), start reaching out to legal publications and other law firm owners with blogs and ask them if you can guest post.

Or, better yet, have your intern do this for you.

The key here is to make your request with a couple of titles in mind. Give your prospect a couple of things to choose from, and then just keep following up until they say yes or no.

You do these five things and you WILL start to see traction with your SEO, you WILL start to get clients from SEO, and you’ll generally be a better law firm owner.


Christopher Small is the owner of Building a Law Firm, a legal marketing consultancy, and CMS Law Firm LLC, an estate planning law firm. He loves business and loves helping law firm owners reach their highest potential.

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