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061: How To Avoid Distraction, Frustration And Fear When Starting Your Law Firm

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061: How To Avoid Distraction, Frustration And Fear When Starting Your Law Firm

How To Avoid Distraction, Frustration, and Fear When Starting Your Law Firm

If you’re anything like me you have a big problem.

You have really big goals and you want to accomplish them really fast.

You have a great plan for getting there (if you don’t then you should jump on this free training) but you are having trouble staying focused and motivated.

There is a tendency for you to work hard on something for a couple of days or weeks and then lose focus and look for the next big thing to do or new tactics to implement.

I used to be the same way.

And then I had a mindset shift that changed all of that.

I learned about the difference between lead indicators and lag indicators.

Lag indicators are those big goals that we all have.

Make $X dollars this year or this quarter.

Sign up so many new law firm clients.

And on and on.

The problem with those indicators is that they usually don’t happen until some time has passed.

They LAG behind the work that needs to be done.

This is where the frustration, fear, and distraction seeps into your law firm owner head.

That should all stop today, though.

Today you focus on LEAD indicators.

Lead indicators are micro-tasks that you can complete on a daily basis.

The success is in the accomplishment of the Lead indicators, not the Lag.

So long as you win every day and accomplish your micro-tasks, you are free to bask in your success and accomplishment.

Then, when you look up at the end of the quarter or year or whenever you can gauge whether or not your lag indicators have been met.

Make sense? Perfect. No go win the day!

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