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076: Repeating Your Law Firm SEO Content

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

076: Repeating Your Law Firm SEO Content

Repeating Your Law Firm SEO Content

I was having a conversation with an Inner Circle member yesterday and we were talking about Law Firm SEO and how difficult it can be to create original content for your law firm.

As we got into the discussion I realized I’d been making a fatal error in the way I approached law firm content creation.

The key when it comes to law firm content creation isn’t to discuss a new topic every single time, but instead to have a few common themes that you repeat over and over again.

Law Firm SEO content is just like your message out there in the real world.

It only gets consumed part of the time.

It never gets old because it is consumed irregularly.

People have a short memory when it comes to what they’ve heard.

And if it’s important to them and relevant it will be interesting even if they’ve heard it before.

As you move forward and think about and plan your law firm SEO content, don’t worry so much about originality when it comes to the themes you’re discussing.

Just mix up the story a little and you’ll be fine.

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