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AOL 106: How to start a law firm questions answered!

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 106: How to start a law firm questions answered!

I think it’s about time for another Q&A episode.

Here are the questions. As always, if you want the answers, you’ve got to listen to the show!


At what law firm income, does it become practical to hire an additional paralegal or attorney?

– Matthew


what are you currently using your VA’s for? Are they full time, part time or per project? are you afraid you don’t have enough work for them?

– Adam


I am graduating in May and taking the bar exam in july. I live in Sacramento, CA. My question is: what is a good field/speciality to get into? My plan is to hang my shingle after passing the bar.

– Elliot


What kind of law should a 3L / new lawyer should go into in these times, particularly in NYC? Besides estate planning of course. Tax? PI? Criminal? I’ll be graduating in a couple of years and would like to decide soon.

– Ankit


I’m interested in hearing about what practice management software can do for me as a solo practitioner, that I’m not already getting from cobbling together other, more specific resources (Gmail, Quickbooks for accounting, Freshbooks for timekeeping and billing, Dropbox for document management and backup, etc.). When does practice management software begin to pay for itself, and which is the best value out there among the very many competing products?

– Lisa


I actually do have a question. I’m looking to outsource some admin/paralegal type work, but obviously I need to maintain my clients’ confidences. I prefer to use services rather than one person when I outsource different tasks. Do you have any recommendations for outsourcing legal work?

– Sara


How, as a former state trooper, in opening my practice about 8 months ago do I get the phone to ring more?

Everyone thinks I have the best background in town for traffic and DWI — just hasn’t worked that way on terms of the calls. Im in NY, just outside NYC, which is a new area for me in terms of mot the area/region where I was a cop. Google Ads has been expensive with not much results. Need to cash in on a free Facebook lesson buy valium online is it legal with you (from a prior subscription with you); not sure if that would yield results.

Currently Im using a lead-based service but it’s expensive and yields sporadic results.

I already have a free giveaway on website where I advise them how to answer a ticket but need to blog, perhaps?

– Randy


If you were a solo practice attorney (slightly different for you since you have a new paralegal doing the estate work), what would your ratio be of billable time to un-billable time per day/week if you were “busy”? (also, what is your ideal ratio billable/nonbillable time for yourself including face to face, break breads, podcasts, videos, happy hours and sales calls). I have read different projections for that. My situation is solo attorney with no assistant and no paralegal.

I’ve heard you are doing 3 businesses. the work, the business side and the marketing side.

Great podcast for the Art of Lawyering and Lawfirm Confidential. Thank you and Please keep it up!

Please don’t use my name.

PS If I get a second question, how do you grow from a Solo attorney to an attorney with a paralegal or assistant? It seems different than a dentist where the dentist stops doing the cleanings and the dental hygenist does the cleanings and the dentist does the root canals.

– Anonymous


What’s a more effective way to use my e-mail list: re-purpose blog content in a newsletter form or provide simple calls to action?

– Scott


How do I create recurring revenue in my practice? Most of my clients are small business owners and professionals. I provide corporate, tax and estate planning services.

– Corrine



Christopher Small

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