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AOL 130: Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part 4

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 130: Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part 4

In case you missed it, here is part 1, here is part 2, and here is part 3 – listen to these first!

We’re back for another installment of hiring a law firm assistant here at The Art of Lawyering. And, believe it or not, we still don’t have an assistant actually working yet.

Here’s what we have:

  • Part 1: creating and posting the job;
  • Part 2: interviewing and making the offer;
  • Part 3: pre-meeting number 1 (logistics);
  • Part 4: pre-meeting number 2 (philosophy, values, etc.),
  • Emily starts this week, and I’m excited to get her up to speed and see what she can contribute to the team.

    To find out what happens, you need to listen to the podcast!


    Christopher Small

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    Hiring a Law Firm Assistant Part 4 Transcript

    Hey everybody this is Christopher Small, and this is episode one thirty of The Art of Lawyering Podcast. Welcome, and strap in, put your seat belt on. Because we’re going to talk more about hiring your law firm assistant and what we’re talking about here the good stuff is this is I think of the part four of the process and into recap. I’m basically just walking you through what I’ve done. There was phases and after this episode is when the rubber sort of meets the road because Emily, my new assistant will be starting actually the day that this episode is released I believe. And should be pretty exciting but things still didn’t happen in the meantime and I want to talk to you about them so that you can implement and do some of these things when you hire your new assistant.

    And if you’re not hiring an assistant, you’re crazy. All right if you’re making any kind of money, if you’re feeling super busy get an assistant. It will help. I had a conversation with a family law attorney this week about this exact thing you know. A leader slipping through the cracks, calls aren’t getting returned and it’s because there’s really not enough time in the day to get everything done and we need help and you need an extra body to do some of these things for us. So will I did, I have Emily come in for another hour or so this week just sit down and talk. And we talked a lot about sort of the nuts and bolts of things that we were going on last week this week I want to sort of turn that a little bit and we talked a lot about from philosophies.

    Why I started the firm. Where I want the firm to go. Core values and fun stuff like that. This is an opportunity for you to actually be open with your people which is maybe a little foreign and all of scary for some of you or all of you. But they can really help to connect your new person with your company and really get them behind the logo. You know really get them body into the firm and what it represents. So that’s what we did. I told her about what drew me to estate planning. Why it’s important to me. Why I’m doing it. Talked about core values. I think I have eight core values. Humility, hunger, family first, fearlessness, ninety nine percent of what we do doesn’t matter, excellent client service, don’t be romantic about how you make your money, and there is one more that I cannot remember. I can see the list but I cannot see what that eighth one is but it’s a doozy. Maybe you’ll call me while we’re talking.

    So that’s what we did and it went really well and now comes the hard part or the fun part of it all of that wrapped up into one. You know, what else happened this week by the way, I did some things like turned on the last pass. We had last pass. Make sure that the computers all set up right. This is the sort of the technical things. We’re gonna have to do W fours I think. Among other things. So I got some of those logistics set up at the board that they can hit the ground running. I also just sort of began, I’ve been doing this I guess for a couple weeks taking notes about exactly what I wanted to do. We talked about this week two where I want her to start and what I wanted to do and the number one thing I want to help me work with to accomplish is filling up my greatness tracker and the greatness tracker sort of like a business and marketing tool all wrapped up into one.

    And sort of she’s going to really help me with that and also having a plan to just implement all the things that I like or do and for me what I’m gonna approach at this time and this is different than I’ve done in the past, is to try to implement you know just a couple of things at a time and then build on those skills as they go along. Sure they’ll be new things to do here and there. There will be little things they do here and there but I’m talking about big skills, you’ve got big skills. That’s what we, that’s what we did. So it should be pretty darn exciting in she’s going to start this week and it’s going to be pretty amazing. So I told her by the way from sort of rambling. It’s my birthday today. But I’m recording this it’s about midnight about to feed the baby again. So a little crazy, a little crazy.

    But this hiring process and thinking about this stuff and working with people and bringing people in, it’s super exciting and I want you to look at it that way when you do it too. Don’t be fearful. Don’t be afraid of what could happen because either that you’re bringing somebody on as a teammate and be excited that you have the opportunity to open new doors with the new time they’re going to have. And by the way, I had a coffee meeting this week with a member of a mastermind group that I’m in. And here we, I was telling him about my new assistant starts on Tuesday. He was telling me about his assistant and he was saying that she was talking to someone else and that person was saying that they were doing these things that the person I was with had asked them to do. And his assistant said, oh you do everything that he tells you to do. That’s a bad sign, right.

    So don’t be afraid to hire fast and fire fast. That’s kind of my philosophy. I bring him in. And I’m not afraid to let him go if they’re not good. Most of the time of the are good if you take a little bit of time upfront to really think about what you need and to refine that. So I think it’s probably good enough for today. If you have questions about hiring an assistant. I would love for you to ask that of me because I would love to talk about it some more. You can e-mail me, [email protected] and I will answer you. You can find me on Facebook. Just search for The Art Of Lawyering.

    You can find me on Twitter @theartoflawyering or @csmall. Snapchat, I’m on Snapchat. I would love for you guys to follow me on Snapchat. I’m starting to do some fun stuff there. My username is csmall5, csmall5. Find me on Snapchat and ask me a question. I love to answer, I love to help you hire your best assistant and can’t wait for next week right. We’re talking about our boarding process and what really happened then we’ll take some notes and hit you are some real legit super rich content. So until that time though. Be well make, some money, pick up the phone. Talk to you next time.

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