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AOL 137: Law Firm Owner Top iPhone Applications

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 137: Law Firm Owner Top iPhone Applications

Sometimes when I’m creating this podcast I try to look around and think about the things I would want to know as a fellow law firm owner.

As I was looking around today I thought, “that’s it! The iPhone apps on my screen!”

So that’s what you are getting today – a run down of what my home screen looks like, why things are where they are, and how I use my phone every day for maximum productivity.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on my phone (I’m too lazy to include links at this time – sorry!):

  • Safari
  • Podcasts
  • Audible
  • Spotify
  • Feedly
  • Voice Memos
  • Evernote
  • Google Maps
  • LinkedIn
  • Tweetbot
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Yahoo Sports
  • Messages
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Insightly
  • Duolingo
  • Anki
  • Snapchat
  • Headspace
  • Day One
  • Pages
  • RingCentral
  • Phone
  • Mail
  • Camera
  • Calendar

That’s it! I’d love to hear what your most used phone application is. Tell me in the comments.


Christopher Small

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Law Firm Owner iPhone Applications Transcript

Hey everybody, this is Christopher Small and this is episode 137 of The Art Of Lawyering Podcast. I am super pumped and excited to be here with you today. I’m sitting on my deck. It’s a little cloudy and rainy but it’s also got a view of the water, got a view of downtown Kirkland, Washington. Cars driving by, you can totally hear them. Some nicer than others. People are out and about. And you know get some work done so, it’s one of the advantages of having an office downtown that has a cool deck. That sometimes you get to come out here and use it. I want to give a shout out by the way to Henrik Stenson for winning the 2016 British Open also helping to lead my fantasy golf team to victory and I hadn’t won for like thirteen weeks and we play for money. So I was going to have to take out a second job to pay down that gambling debt. If I don’t then start winning. So this is a good start and pumped about that.

I’m also pumped to be here talking to you. I got some fun things I want to talk about today before I get to that and I will actually probably spend the whole episode on this but I just read a good book called The Seven Levels of Communication and it really dives into a lot of the networking concepts that I’ve been talking about and sharing that are part of the new course that I am creating, that will get new clients. It just crushed it for me and it’s a low, what’s great about it is a low barrier to entry and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. You just have to have the guts to pick up the phone and call some people. And have some coffees. Have the conversations. Be genuinely interested in people and then have a systematic follow up sequence to make sure you stay in touch with them and create real relationship. So that book was actually given to me by a mortgage broker that I had coffee with. I met in the first time he sent me the book and I thought it was really pretty freakin awesome.

Read through it and I was like, wow there’s a lot of stuff I’m already doing with some added nuance and detail that I am happy to be able to use. So that requires its own podcast in another itself that requires a little bit more preparation. I could wing it but I’m not going to. Not today because I want to give you good stuff. But what I want to talk today I thought you know what, or something that you guys probably want to know and you know I was like, gosh, I was looking at my phone and I was looking around thinking about ideas. Thinking about things that are going on with the firm and I thought, you know, maybe I’ll talk about some of the like the home screen icons of my phone, my iPhone because there’s a lot, there’s a lot, what’s the word I’m looking for. There’s a lot of, this shows a lot about me. Right. I think a lot about my life and what I’m using and why things are might be working for me. So let’s go through these. So number one and I have one, two, three, four, five, six, rows of four, seven rows of four. So we have twenty eight icons. So some of these I’ll go through pretty quickly, some are gonna be pretty obvious. The ones that aren’t, I will spend a little more time outlining, right.

So number one, Safari we have web browser. I use that for everything. Used to settle disputes, to answer questions, to just browse the web when I’m messing around. So that’s on there. My podcast app. I just use, I believe the sort of the standard Apple podcast app. It’s gotten way better than it previously was. I listen to several podcasts, I will write rip them off here real quick for you. I may, if I find time put them in the show notes, we’ll see. So the Mastermind Talks podcast, Funnel Hacker Radio, French podcast, Coffee Break French, Learning French With The Daily podcast, The Tony Robbins podcast, The Profit First podcast, The Ask your EV show, LFC podcast, which you can only get if you’re a member. So if you’re interested in that let me know. We have a ton of members and it’s awesome. It’s a daily podcast that you were talking about how I’m making all this money and being successful. I would love to share with you what I’ve done to create a six figure law firm in under six months which is pretty fabulous.

Marketing in Your Car, Eight Minute Millionaire, The M.F. C.E.O. Project, Six Figure Side Gig, The Art Of Lawyering Podcast of course. The Entre Leadership podcast, The Smart Passive Income podcast, Freedom Ocean, Superfast Business, The School of Greatness, The James Altucher Show, The Art of Charm, Super Agents Live, The Solopreneur Hour, and The Tim Ferriss show. Now that’s probably sounds like a lot of podcast to you and it is but they don’t all put out new episodes every day and I don’t listen to all of them. If they don’t seem interesting I mark the just played and I move on to something else but that’s all I got. It wasn’t too quite a few podcast. The next icon is Audible which is audio books if you’re not listening to audio books you are missing out. I will read you a couple of the books that I listen to recently. Shoe Dog is what I’m listening to right now which is like the autobiography of Phil Knight the owner and the founder and creator of Nike. Awesome Book. Dude started from nothing and did some homework hard and just crushed.

I would highly highly recommend the check that out. Ask Gary V. book awesome book. The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday. Eagle Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Smarter Faster Better, The Success Principles, Startup C.E.O., A Guide To The Good Life, Living With A Seal, Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger his autobiography, also awesome. Anyway, what I audio books like to do is really learn while you’re on the go. Walking the dog, doing the dishes, driving somewhere, you know whatever. So I would highly encourage that. Spotify. Music app. I think is 5.99 a month. You get to save channels, save playlists, all those kinds of stuff and use it to work a lot or listen to a lot when I’m working, I’ll put a song on a repeat and it’s just zoning. Feedly, Feedly is a blog feeder. So it’s sort of like a podcast app but for blogs for everyone. You can follow whoever you want whenever they post a new blog. It’s put up on in your feed and you can see what’s going on. Voice Memos, that’s just the standard iPhone app. That’s what I used to record these episodes with my headphones. So the ideal quality is not exactly what you want. That’s why.

It’s all about me being able to give you quality content at a moment’s notice and this is the way that I do it. Evernote, Evernote is the note taking app. You can save pictures and all kinds of stuff there. Google Maps it is what it is. Linkedin, we know. Tweet Bot which is a Twitter application allows you to have a couple of accounts on there and switch back and forth. I don’t use Twitter all whole lot but I will dive in there once in a while if I’m bored or if I see you know some pop up that someone has said something to me. Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo Sports, I love sports so it’s there. Messages or text messages. Slack, it’s like a communication tool it’s also something I have set up to notify me when payments are made so I really like that. You should check it out. I think it’s free if you have a relatively low number of people on your team or you may have to pay for it to get some enhanced applications but it’s awesome. It’s sort of like instant messenger for your team. Asana, Asana is a task application that I use for my virtual assistants. I count projects that say like CMS Law Firm distribution, CMS Law Firm, Art Of Lawyering distribution, Art Of Lawyering, sort of put all my podcast and social media posting schedules.

Because what I do is, they’re just templates that I just repeat every week filling with new information and they get blasted out which is nice. Insightly, Insightly is my law firm project management application. It’s got contact management, it’s got project management. It’s amazing, Insightly. Duolingo is a French learning application. I’m going to Paris in about ten months and I’m trying to learn French. Anki, A-N-K-I same thing, also it’s a flashcard app really that you can use for whatever you want. I’m using it to learn French. Snapchat, I think everyone know what that is, if you want to check me out, CSmall15 Snapchat, come and follow me. I get in there a couple few times a day, put some stuff up, try to be slightly interesting. It’s not really attuned to my demographic from a marketing standpoint but it’s kind of fun. Headspace, is a meditation app but I actually don’t use that much right now. Day One is a journaling app that I actually use very much, I move to a like a hard paper journal. Pages, helps me manage my Facebook pages. You know The Art of Lawyering page, Law Firm Confidential page, CMS Law Firm page, and then Ring Central, that is the phone service that I use, our phone service.

So I can use it from my phone if I want and then the bottom for the ones that are stuck is the phone, right, to call people. I typically actually don’t use Ring Central to call clients or anybody, I just have to use my phone. Email, the camera, and the calendar. So that’s a quick run through of my home screen. There’s a lot of good stuff on there and you know the key really you don’t have to use the same things that I’m using but you really want to try them to stay organized. And if you’re doing repeatable tasks, work up a system so that you can offload those tasks to someone else or do them as quickly as possible whether you’re using scripts. You know, to do lists that you can repeat and do that kind of stuff just consider how you can make your life easier by adding in these functions. All right, hope you’re having a great week and I will catch in a couple days. See ya!

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