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AOL 140: Using Instagram for Law Firms

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 140: Using Instagram for Law Firms

Yesterday Instagram made a major change to their platform, and this change finally convinced me that it was time to start thinking about how Instagram for law firms can work.

In this episode I talk about a very specific methodology for increasing your Instagram followers, building your brand, generating leads, and having a fun time throughout the process.

Instagram for Law Firms Game Plan

First things first, it’s important to remember what the point is of participating on a platform like Instagram.

It’s the same point that you have for all of your marketing efforts: you want to get more clients.

And that can happen with Instagram. You just have to do it right.

Here’s the step-by-step process for using Instagram for law firms, including getting more followers, creating brand awareness, and generating leads.

Step 1: Post at least 4-6 times per day.

Step 2: Make the posts interesting and relevant to what you do (think quotes, advice, stories, action shots, things that are important to your clients, etc.).

Step 3: The description of each post should have a call to action (double tap, comment, tag a friend, click the link in my bio, etc.).

Step 4: Create several different lead magnets that you can reference in your posts and link to in your bio.

Step 5: follow other influencers in your space (will likely be your geographic area) and comment on their posts with thoughtful ideas.

There’s more – to get the complete game plan CLICK HERE and download my free Instagram for Law Firms guide.


Christopher Small

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Using Instagram For Law Firms Transcript

Hey everybody this is Christopher Small, this is episode 140 of the Art Of Lawyering podcast. I am super pumped to be here with you today. The plan if you’ll notice, I am not on Facebook live right now. I’m actually driving in the car. Today was kind of a crazy day and my time for doing this show and recording it live sort of got away from me. So we’re not going to do on Facebook live today. But in the future, I plan on doing all the shows recording them on Facebook live. Taking questions after I record the show. I want whatever you want to ask me anything. And you can ask your business questions, you can ask your lawyer questions, you can ask whatever you want and I’ll answer them. And that’s me giving to you. But today, today I want to talk about and by the way plan on that being around like nine thirty ish Pacific Time. So if you’ve got your Facebook. If you have Facebook open. You’ll see a little pre-post from me that says, hey you know we’re going to come on live in a couple minutes, be ready, and boom.

You’ll see it. Watch it. Ask your questions. Live it. Love it. Also, one other thing I have decided and you’ll probably hopefully, you’ll be enticed to go check this out after you hear this episode but I have decided to put together a short little one sheet on Instagram. With some of these things that I’m talking about to help you build your Instagram followers. And I think you’re going to be, you’re gonna want to do that after this episode because of the ability you’re going to have with Instagram stories to really make magic. All right so, to do that, just go to and you’ll be able to download that one sheet. It’s going to be sort of a synopsis of what we’re talking about here. Some extra tidbits. Some extra goodies, some extra stuff so that you can begin to use Instagram to build your brand, to get new clients and do it all for free. Essentially all it’s going to take is your time. Maybe your systems’ time. Maybe your significant other’s time. Whatever time.

Whoever’s time it is. It is just going to take time which is nice. You’ll be able to build a following. you’ll be able to build a brand. You’d be able to become known in your city for being the man or woman in a practice area and that would be a good thing. So let’s just dive right in. I don’t know I’m sort of flying by to see who I passed because I’m driving but you know there is a very, so if you go to my Instagram it’s thechristophersmall. You’ll see that there I’ve got I think about eighty seven hundred followers on Instagram and I did that in a very specific way and I did that in a very calculated way and that’s we’re going to talk about here. Some of the ways that I did that don’t work as well anymore, they still kind of do but some of these other things I’m going employ or deploy with your work really really well. The first thing that you have to know when it comes to Instagram is that the more you post, the more followers you’re going to get, okay? And if you are hesitant to post, then you just have to get over that. Okay, the more you post the better you will get as well, alright. You’re going to use an app called Word Swag to upload some pictures and you can put text over them with words like the cute fonts and stuff like that.

That’s the first thing you need to know. You probably need to be posting like four to five times a day at least. What you can do though, is you can, batch these all up and you can post valium without prescriptions them and let them leak out over drop out over time using another site called Latergram. So invest what you want to do. Step one, start putting stuff up on Instagram. Step two, is to every time that you, every time that you put a post up, you are going to want to write what you’re doing. What the post is about and you want to add a call to action. That could be tag a friend that meets this thing. That could be you know could be a link in my bio to get my free Ebook. That could be double tap if you like to tell people something that you want to do to get some engagement with you. And once the post is posted, you have the opportunity to comment. The first comment there needs to be a set of twenty five to thirty hashtags that cover the things that you want to people be searching for to find you. And one of the ways that you’ll probably want to use some location, cat hashtags, and then you can just search around and see what hashtags are popular that fit your target client.

Okay, and then what I typically do is I just made a list of all these hashtags and put a note in Evernote and I just copy and paste and every time I post. What that will do is allow people that are searching to find you and to like you. Okay so, we had that so far, post you know four or five times a day use Word Swag to make the posts, to make them pretty. You can do quotes. You can do uplifting pictures. You can do, it depends on what kind of law you have or have what you want to do. You can ask questions. You can teach, you know you can educate. And you can offer interesting statistics. You can do all kinds of stuff whatever is in your brain. Upload it, hashtags, and then one of the other things that you want to do is spend some time or have someone else spend some time go around find those influencers that have followers that you like and start participating there a little bit. Leave some really good comments on their stuff and tend to become known. The other people will see those and click through and then later that’s going to set up you asking to maybe do a share for share with them, where they will share your information or work with them in some way to do that.

Okay, which of the more you participate across the board, the more followers you’re going to get. Okay, that’s sort of it. Okay, enough. That’s sort of like phase one. Okay. Phase two, is what’s going out with these Instagram stories which is really cool. If you can get people like you then your stories will start popping up in their feed. You should go like me if you want to see what that’s like. What you can do these stories, they’re like, it’s like Snapchat that’s on steroids because you get to access all the Instagram followers. What you want to do there is you know, give a peek inside of your life. Give a peek inside of your practice. Share tips and tricks and thoughts throughout the day. This is where people are going to get to know you. This is where people are going to like you and then trust you and they will start calling you and hiring you, referring your business and things like that. The thing with the Instagram stories is that you also, you want to give calls to action from time to time. If you look at my story, you’ll see it’s a little disjointed probably right now. But again this is where taking action is better than doing nothing. One hundred percent. Very cool thing about these Instagram stories that right now, everybody’s jump on the bandwagon but not everybody is there yet. So you have the opportunity to sort of make a splash and like people get to know you and do all this fun cool stuff. And at the same time, carve out a little niche for yourself. And over time, what will happen is people will begin, you know, responding to you, commenting with you and interacting with you.

Now will increase your brand, it will hopefully give you some new clients and do all kinds of new fun stuff. All right, that’s sort of this the short, the key right here is really to take action. Do this stuff, try it out. You’ll see I think that your followers will grow relatively quickly up. One last thing I forgot. There’s an app called Crowdfire that you can also use to search out and get lists of all of the people that follow other people that you think peel to your idea clients. You go to, you can get there’s a free program, there’s a paid program. Do a free one first. You can type in someone’s Instagram username and a list would pop up of all of the people that follow them. It’s pretty cool. And then you can follow these people, you can sort of look around, you can see who’s going on there, and then a lot of times when you follow someone that will cause them to check you out and if they like you, they’ll follow you back. So that’s a cool way to do that. Alright, I think that’s it. Remember, if you want to get the one sheet, if you wanna get the free training, Go check that out and I’ll catch up with you soon. Okay, remember go to our Facebook, CMS, alright not CMS Law Firm. The Art of Lawyering. Catch me on Facebook live the next time and ask your questions. Alright, talk to you soon. See ya!

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