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AOL 141: Five Reasons Lawyers Need Instagram

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 141: Five Reasons Lawyers Need Instagram

Okay people, this is going to be a very very short post for one reason: it is 1:00 a.m. and I forgot my notes from this podcast at the office.

I don’t know what the five reasons lawyers need Instagram are precisely, though I know these are some of the attributes:

1. Instagram is free for lawyers (and everyone else).

2. Instagram can help lawyers build your law firm brand.

3. Instagram can help lawyers get more clients.

4. Instagram can help lawyers increase awareness.

5. Instagram can help lawyers increase interaction.

To get the full story, listen to the podcast.

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Christopher Small

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Five Reasons Lawyers Need Instagram Transcript

Hey everybody, this is Christopher Small, this is episode one forty one of the Art of Lawyering Podcast. I’m super pumped and excited to be here with you. We are also on Facebook live. So, if you want to get this early and want to have a chance to ask some questions then head on over there mark your calendars for Mondays or Wednesdays between nine and ten Pacific Time. And I will jump on Facebook live and we can answer questions after the show. You can also get kind of sneak preview and see what’s going on. So I want to talk about Instagram today. I’ve been on a little bit of an Instagram kick and I’ve been thinking about Instagram for a long time and even as little as a couple months ago, I said that I don’t think that Instagram should be used really for lawyers. I think it was a good place to spend your time. Kind of changing my tune on that a little bit and I was actually called out on that by one of the Law Firm Confidential members a couple of days ago. She said, well I asked this question. She use Instagram and I said no and well things have changed and so I want to talk a little about that which we’ll probably get to at the end of the show.

It’ll be one of the five reasons why you should use Instagram now. But, things have changed and I think things have change for the better. I think Instagram is a good place to go to try to experiment a little bit, to try to get some new leads, to get some new clients, to do some other things and we’re going talk about it right now. So, the first reason that you should use Instagram if you’re a lawyer is because it’s free. You don’t have to do it. There’s no start up cost. It’s just your time, you want to put pictures on there of your self, of quotes, of whatever sort of relates to your business but it’s free. There’s no start up cost and there’s no advertising. You can advertise there now but there’s no true advertising vehicle. There’s no real reason for you to advertise at this point. So you might as well get in and start using this platform. While there’s still room, while the market is not saturated by the lawyers, and while you have the ability to get in there and get a lot of access. So, if you think back to Facebook, Facebook was the same way for a long time. You didn’t need to advertise to get exposure. Now you do, right. If you want to, if you post something on your page. It’s going to get sent to like three percent of the people who like your page.

You have to pay to play on Facebook. Instagram you don’t have to do that yet. So that’s a good reason to get there. Okay. So that’s reason number one. Reason number two, is that it’s easy to get people to follow your highly targeted and for me what I mean when I say highly targeted, when it comes to my estate planning practice it’s just people that are in my geographic area. Where I want to just sort of open myself to as many people as possible. I want to start to form relationships with as many people as possible. What, did you break it? What. Am I back on? What connection about me? Facebook, Facebook I hate you. So okay so I have some technical difficulties on Facebook live so sorry about that but that’s okay. So. just tried to figure out. If you have to restart it, that’s fine. But we don’t edit here guys by the way. So if you’re a little, side note. If you are scared about making a video for your law firm just do it because these things happen but nobody valium cares, right. And do you care right now? No, you don’t. So how you talk to followers. What you can do is, for example you can find one person, that’s your friend.Okay. That lives in Seattle and then you can hit the down button and you can see all the people they follow and then you can follow all of them, they’ll follow you back.

You start to build your Instagram followers super super fast and super easy and then you can reach all those people as you continue to post. So it’s an easy way to get followers and followers are good. Number three, it’s an easy way to build brand. That sort of tags along with number two. But you have the ability with Instagram to post pictures obviously but you can post quotes over pictures and you can do short videos. These are great opportunities for you to build your brand. To let people really learn about who you are and what you do. And again it’s free so it’s easy. Alright, all it takes is a little bit of time but you can really get your name out there and build it up fast. If you do a good job. Number four, the fourth reason you want to use Instagram is because you can use it to actually get clients. Within your bio on Instagram, you can put one link and only one link. As you create your Instagram content you can send people there to go to your website, to opt in. You can give something away for free. A free guide, a free e-book, a free quiz, a free whatever. Okay, then with your Instagram posts every you know fourth or fifth post or so, you can send people to that link. You can change that link from time to time. And then update. Put your call to action, is on your Instagram posts.

That is what Instagram is all about and I know people who are doing very well by doing that. So if you target the right people, and give them what they want. You can get some really really good leads and then clients from Instagram. So there’s number four. Number five. The fifth thing that you can do is more than just build brand, you can actually create relationships. And this goes back to the original question at the beginning of the of the show about why I have changed my tune on Instagram. And I think Instagram stories which have just come out within the last week or so have changed kind of the way that you can use Instagram, in a way that I think now works for law firms and service based businesses. The reason for that is you can get in there and sort of document your day. You can chill what’s going on but you can have real conversations with people more than just within your Instagram feed, right. If you look at Instagram stories they go across the top. If you’re one of the people that is creating a lot of content, you’re going to show up in a lot of people’s feeds, they can watch those, you can ask questions there, and they can respond and you can check in throughout the day and show people who you are and when people know you, they like you, they trust you, they’ll hire you. Alright so, that’s why my tune has changed when I came to Instagram before. I thought of the engagement from a lawyers perspective was difficult because it can be tough to show what you do and who you are just through pictures.

It’s not possible, but it takes a little bit of thought and a little bit of time to do that. But with Instagram stories. Much like Snapchat, you can get in there and have conversations just like we’re having right now and short ten second snippets. You can teach, you can interact and do all kinds of fun stuff and that’s why I think Instagram is turning toward a real avenue for lawyers to try to get business. Remember, all this is experiment. Maybe it would work for you, maybe it won’t. But it definitely won’t if you never try. Alright, oh one last thing. So if you want some more on this. I’ve created a free report on how to use Instagram to at least get new followers and take that next step and start to do some of these things. If you want to get that, you can go to Check that out. It’s free. You can get, build up more followers, you can see with my personal account. I’m now at almost nine thousand. With my law firm account, I think right now we’re at about three hundred probably at the time of this recording. But I’ve spent a lot of time on my personal page not a lot of time in my law firm page. We’re changing that. So I think you’ll see those numbers go up quickly on Instagram. We are Rich Life Lawyer. So, go follow us and you can see what we’re doing. You can try to copy us and do the same thing. And get some more clients. Until next time. See you later.

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