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AOL 143: Law Firms and Farmer's Markets Don't Mix

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

AOL 143: Law Firms and Farmer's Markets Don't Mix

I got my first law firm client from a farmer’s market. I used to preach marketing a law firm in this way.

But now that I’m older and wiser I’ve changed my tune…


Christopher Small

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Law Firms and Farmer’s Markets Don’t Mix Transcript

Hey everybody this is Christopher Small. This is episode one forty three of The Art of Lawyering podcast. I am super pumped to be with you today. I was actually, we’re on Facebook live but we’re recording a day late. There’s a lesson in there before I even get to the lesson of the day that is don’t worry about being perfect just get your stuff done, right. That’s the that’s the word of the day. What we’re going to talk about today is why farmer’s market booths are not a good idea when you’re trying to market a law firm. And if you have been following me for a long time, you know, way way back in the day when I’m first over my law firm, I did farmer’s market booths. I would rent a booth, I would put a sign up that just said lawyer and I would just sit there and wait for people to come to me. And it actually worked a little bit. I got my first client from that booth but you know, now that some time have come by and I have become more sophisticated and more experienced and more educated when it comes to marketing and business. I think it’s a bad idea. And I was reminded of that this weekend in Kirkland there’s this event called Summerfest and it is a, it’s like a summer festival as you know, believe it or not.

And there are, there were these booths, you know people are selling like paintings, people are selling like but I don’t know, roasted corn on the cob you know whatever. Whatever you see at a normal sort of event like this but there was a financial planner tent there okay. And no offense to the financial planners that know the guys that are actually there. They do this all over the place and doing all the time and the way that it was set up was, they were giving away like a fifty dollar Amazon gift card if you come in sign up to put your name in the drawing. And then what they’ll do is they’ll call people off of that. And I was walking by and I’d seen them all the time and I’ve talked to them before about whether or not it actually resulted in business for them and it did a little bit. They get some, they do get some business from it but I think it’s a bad idea for several reasons. And I want to talk to you about that today so that you don’t get stuck doing that or at least you do correct analysis before you go out there and spend a whole day, you know, watching ringing people walk by and sign up to get a gift card from you. All right so, there are kind of five things that I came up with and let’s talk about it right now. First of all, when it comes to marketing and business generation, what you really want to try to do is put yourself in the spot where your potential clients are going to be.

And a summer festival or farmer’s market is just not that place. People from all walks of life come there, all demographics, all income areas, all ages. So to place yourself there hoping that you’re going to catch a couple of people that actually fit your needs or your wants as an ideal client is a bad idea. You’re not going to see those people there. And we’ll get into this later but when you’re giving away things too you’re not going to attract the right people. So you know, farmer’s markets are not conducive to legal services, right. Just think about it. Number two, there’s no service. There’s no services market fit. This is kind of what I was talking about before but when people go to a farmer’s market. They’re not looking for financial advice. They’re not looking for legal advice. If you’re there, they might have something top of mind that they want to ask you. But what is going to really result in most that time is a bunch of dumb questions or questions that you can’t answer all questions that are not relevant. Or you’re gonna quite frankly, you’re going to attract a crazy person. I can’t tell you when I had my farmer’s market booth how many people that came up to me and told me about wanting to sue the government for planting things in their brains. All kinds of weird things like that.

Those are the kind of people you’re going to attract at a farmer’s market. There’s are the questions you’re going to get when you put your booth up there. And you don’t want that, you know. It’s kind of like another way to equate it to is you know when you’re on Facebook. If you’re running Facebook ads or if you’re putting content on Facebook, you don’t want to put things up that say call me 555-5555 right? Because when people go to Facebook, they’re not going there to look for legal services.. They’re going there to be social. They’re going there to see what’s going on. So if you put content on there that draws them in or gets them to clip through and learn more. Then you can make your pitch later. But the same thing applies with a farmer’s market. When you’re trying to pitch your services, it’s not. It’s not just going to work. Number three the time value equation is way off. So you’re going to go spend a whole day. A Saturday which for me, you know with kids. It’s Saturday. The time there, the time value for me is going to be way way higher than even during the week. You know during the week when you’re supposed to be working. You’re supposed to be working. During the weekend, I don’t want to work necessarily. I do work but when I want to. I work on things that are going to pay off in a significant way. You can go spend ten hours at this farmer’s market and get like one good lead or get two good leads that don’t end up signing up at all.

You can spend your time better doing other things which is the fourth reason. Fourth thing that goes with why farmer’s markets are a bad idea. There are million other things you could be doing that are way better. You could be having coffee meetings, right. You could just schedule ten coffee meetings on a Saturday and just meet as many people as you can. You can cold call. Okay. And don’t cold call clients. Obviously. We’re not allowed to do that but go to Google and search for your network partners, okay. For me financial planners, accountants, family law attorneys and start calling, leave a message. Hey let’s have a coffee, let’s meet up. I like to learn about your business. And then to make relationships and you get referrals. What else. Content. You can write a blog post. You could be doing things like this. You can be on Facebook live. You could do an eight hour Facebook live. I guarantee you get people coming in and talking to you and want to do things with you. I’ve seen it. You could be working on your Facebook ad campaigns or Google ad campaigns, direct mail campaigns. You can spend money on things that are going to actually pay off for you.

And then the last but not least you could be speaking at the farmer’s market potentially. If you could somehow get up on the stage and talk and you might be able to do some better there, right. But at the end of the day these farmers markets, they’re not a good fit. Number five, the last thing. And this goes to these financial planner guys in particular and some that you’re going to want to think about if you decide and do this farmer’s marketing. You got to give away something that’s going to actually attract people that you want. Okay, don’t give away an iPad. Don’t give away a fifty dollar Amazon gift card. You’re just going to get tire kickers and people that want some money. It’s sort of like, you know when you go on vacation to Mexico. And they give you you know three rounds of golf and his goal is doable sales presentation. What ends up happening is you go in there and you just get crushed. So if you want to sign these people up, you’re going to have to bring these hard core sales tactics to the people that sign up. If you don’t want to do that, give away something that’s going to get people in your system that are actually interested. Give away, easiest thing to do you do is, you just have a big sign that says free report. You know, five reasons your retirement is not going to last. Text 555 or text money to 555-5555 to get this free report.

And people walking by could just text to opt in and then you can put them in your system and work with them from there. The way that you can, the opt in that you give out is going to dictate the kind of people you get in your system. Giving away something shiny that’s going to attract the people you don’t want is not the answer. Okay, that’s it. So if you don’t think farmer’s market booths are bad for you by now then you never will. This applies across the board. All you want to put this same kind of thought process into all of your marketing tactics. Especially if you’re going to be putting up a booth somewhere at a trade show or something like. You want to make sure you have a clean opt in and that you’re attracting the people that are actually going to have a chance to be your clients. Focus on the time and value equation, right. And you’ll be much better off with more clients. I’d be happier you will, could be rich. It’ll be amazing. Okay so, that is it for today. If you have questions let me know. [email protected] and that’s it. See ya!

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