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096: Email Marketing Secrets: ONE Thing That Makes All the Difference

Email Marketing Secrets: ONE Thing That Makes All the Difference If I asked you to list a few things that you think might be this ONE thing that I’m talking about you’d probably come up with some ideas. Make sure the headline is catchy. Check your analytics and make sure they are getting opened. Start with a story and then go from there. Don’t make them too long. Always end with a call to action. But, when it gets right down to it, there is ONE thing that will make all the difference when it comes to your email marketing efforts. Without this one thing none of the other things matter. Without this one thing you will NEVER see the success you could see with your email marketing campaigns. What is this one thing? Sending the damn email every week, no matter what. If you aren’t sending emails right now, this seems so easy. But once you write something, once […]

095: Mindset Secrets – Embrace The Monotony Of Success

Law Firm Mindset Secrets: Embrace the Monotony of Success If there is one lesson that I’ve learned over the years that has had the most profound effect on my business it is this: business success takes time. It takes waking up day after day, having a plan, and executing on that plan, knowing that it’s going to work, but knowing that for it to work IT TAKES TIME. That’s why this mindset secret, embrace the monotony of success, is worth an entire podcast episode. If you are starting a law firm or you’ve owned your business for a long time, the truth is still the same – it’s the daily activities that you execute consistently over time that make the difference. The ONLY difference between the new law firm owner and the established law firm owner are the daily activities they are doing (because, as we all know, what got you here won’t get you there). Today I want you […]

094: Mindset Secrets – Stop Playing By The “Rules

Mindset Secrets: Stop Playing By the “Rules” All of us live by unwritten “rules” we tell ourselves. “I don’t have enough experience to enter this market.” “I look too young to be taken seriously.” “Credit cards are dangerous and should never be used.” “If my peers don’t think highly of me then I must not be that good.” “If I charge a lot for my services and make a lot of money I am a bad person.” These “rules” exist only in your head. The sooner you release yourself of these rules and start living the life you want and deserve, the sooner everyone in your life becomes better. For a more complete breakdown of this concept, make sure you check out the video/podcast! Cheers. Christopher Small P.S. – Still stuck? Come and check out Infinity Clients Workshop and hang with other successful law firm owners AND get the strategies and tactics I’ve used to build m own successful law […]

093: Facebook Ads Secrets – The Path to Clients for Your Law Firm

 Law Firm Facebook Ads Secrets: The Path to Clients for Your Law Firm If you are starting a law firm or struggling with your law firm you probably know you should be doing some sort of law firm advertising but your not sure what to do. You know (or you’ve heard) that Facebook can be an amazing source of clients but your not sure how it works, what the process is like. Today that all changes. I’m going to break down for you the path to law firm clients using Facebook ads. The truth is, it’s as simple as: 1. Pixel 2. Content 3. Website 4. CTA That’s all you need to know. What it ISN’T, and a mistake I see all the time, is a billboard looking advertisement to try to get people to call you if they need help. It isn’t a statement touting your experience, or your expertise, or your aggressiveness. Facebook is a place to […]

092: Google Ads Secrets: Avoid This Costly Mistake

Google Ads Secrets: Avoid This Costly Mistake At some point after starting a law firm you are going to realize something: there is a ton of money to be made by using Google Ads. Realizing it, and making it work for you are, unfortunately, very different things. I know because I’ve seen this from law firm owners time and time again when it comes to google ads (and pretty much everything else that is new). And avoiding this costly google ads mistake will not only save you money but it will MAKE you money. What am I talking about? I’m talking about trying to get too fancy too fast. I’m talking about trying to have everything perfect before you hit the go button. I’m talking about wasting time working on your law firm google ads campaign when you could have something out there actually attracting customers. It’s often the difference between success and failure. It all comes down to action. […]

091: Networking Secrets – Two Questions I Ask Everyone

I love networking. It makes me a lot of money. But I used to suck at it. I used to hate it. And part of the reason for that was that I didn’t know how to approach it correctly. I was looking for the wrong things. I was talking to the wrong people. I was having meeting after meeting with seemingly no results. And then I realized, I was asking the wrong questions. Networking is a lot more about finding people that are congruent with you and your goals and your plans than it is about finding someone that can send you business. When I realized that my network improved dramatically. And yours can too. The two questions I ask everyone I am considering to be a part of my network are: 1. What is working for you in your business. 2. What are your goals. To find out why, listen in to the show. Cheers. P.S. – Want my […]

090: The Secret to Great Law Firm Advertising

The Secret to Great Law Firm Advertising For at least the first two years of starting my law firm I did ZERO law firm advertising. I survived heavily on SEO and luck, I think. And, I believe my law firm growth suffered because of that. Today I wanted to talk to you about the secret to great law firm advertising. It’s something I discovered after a lot of wasted time and money, so hopefully after reading or listening to this you won’t make the same mistake. The secret to law firm advertising is this – start simple and add layers as you gain additional expertise. Pretty simple right? Yet most of us try to get too complicated too fast and the end result is wasted time, wasted money, and no results. Start simple. Put that first law firm ad up, and watch the phones start to ring. No, it won’t be crazy busy, but it will pay for itself. And […]

089: Cheap Law Firm Does Not Equal Efficient Law Firm

Cheap Law Firm Does Not Equal Efficient Law Firm I saw someone in the Facebook Group talking proudly about being a true solo, a true one man law firm, and looking for help and guidance on how to make that set up even more efficient. I felt too bad to bust his chops right there in the group, so I’m doing it here on this episode of the podcast. The truth is, you cannot run your law firm on your own. Sure, you can start a law firm as a one man shop. I did that myself. But as soon as you have some cash coming in the door that needs to be reinvested in the business in the form of systems and people to help you do the one thing you MUST be doing as a law firm owner. What’s that one thing? Selling the shit out of your services. This podcast is all about letting go of the […]

088: Five Law Firm Owner Networking Mistakes

5 Law Firm Owner Networking Mistakes I talk to law firm owners all the time and I hear and see networking mistakes all the time. Today I wanted to talk about five law firm owner networking mistakes I see, and how to fix them. Because this is a post for a podcast, I’m just giving you the five. If you want the details, you have to listen! 1. Continuing to take bad meetings. 2. Keeping score. 3. Using it as your primary source of business. 4. Trying to have sex on the first date. 5. Using it as an excuse to not advertise. Bottom line here is this: learn how to network the right way, and then do it. Do not make these law firm owner networking mistakes. Cheers. P.S. – I can help you get on the short road. Come and check out Infinity Clients Workshop and hang with other successful law firm owners AND get the strategies and […]

087: Law Firm Advertising Myths

Law Firm Advertising Myths The other day I had lunch with a financial planner buddy of mine. We were talking about what was working and what wasn’t in our businesses. He doesn’t like advertising because it’s hard (not just the regular hard – they have a ton of regulation to deal with). I love advertising because it’s amazing. And you probably hate it because you buy into the myths of law firm advertising. Why myths? Here are the three law firm advertising myths I talk about in the podcast: 1. There are no sure things. 2. Success has to require 100%+ returns on investment. 3. It has to be complicated to work. If you want to know more about these myths, listen to the podcast. Cheers. P.S. – I can help you get on the short road. Come and check out Infinity Clients Workshop and hang with other successful law firm owners AND get the strategies and tactics I’ve used […]
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