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076: Repeating Your Law Firm SEO Content

Repeating Your Law Firm SEO Content I was having a conversation with an Inner Circle member yesterday and we were talking about Law Firm SEO and how difficult it can be to create original content for your law firm. As we got into the discussion I realized I’d been making a fatal error in the way I approached law firm content creation. The key when it comes to law firm content creation isn’t to discuss a new topic every single time, but instead to have a few common themes that you repeat over and over again. Law Firm SEO content is just like your message out there in the real world. It only gets consumed part of the time. It never gets old because it is consumed irregularly. People have a short memory when it comes to what they’ve heard. And if it’s important to them and relevant it will be interesting even if they’ve heard it before. As you […]

075: How to Create Instant Street Cred

How To Create Instant Street Cred Got an email from Kareim the other day and this is what he said: One final question (promise!) and I’ll get out of your hair: Since most estate planning clients are likely to be older, do you face a stigma, or apprehension from potential clients regarding your relative youth? Would the age difference between the “typical” estate planning client and a brand new lawyer fresh out of law school be a significant barrier to getting started and convincing one’s clients that one is capable and competent? If you want to know the answer, and how to create instant street cred as a lawyer and law firm owner, listen in… Want some FREE help with your law firm. I’ve put together a page with ALL of my free training on it. If you think it might help, click here and check it out..

074: The Chicken Or The Egg In Business

The Chicken Or The Egg In Business? I see this all the time when I talk to law firm owners. They want to have more clients, then NEED more clients, but they don’t want to spend money on law firm marketing until they have more clients. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends. There is one solution to this problem (you probably already know what it is) and one mindset hack to get the results you want (that you might not be aware of). To get both, listen in to the episode! Want some FREE help with your law firm. I’ve put together a page with ALL of my free training on it. If you think it might help, click here and check it out..

073: Why Are You Waiting For The New Year?

Why Are You Waiting For The New Year? 2018 is right around the corner, and for a lot of you that is the perfect excuse to stop working and stop waiting. This episode is all about getting you to stop waiting and start taking action. Instead of waiting, write that blog post, start that podcast, go to the gym, make the right choice with your diet, call that network partner, and do whatever else it is that you should be doing RIGHT NOW. When it comes to 2018 goals for your law firm, it should be how much money you are going to make, and that’s it. Everything else you can start right now. If you are interested in learning how to double your law firm revenue in 12 months and join a group of law firm owners crushing it, click here. If not, no big deal, continue on as is. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

072: There are No Moral Victories

There Are No Moral Victories> It’s time for us to stop recognizing moral victories and rationalizing away the reasons we aren’t doing the law firm marketing activities we should be doing. This episode destroys any excuses you have for not getting everything done you are supposed to. There are no moral victories… And, if you are interested in a lifetime membership to Infinity Clients Workshop click here to register.

071: 10 Things I’m Thankful For Right Now

10 Things I’m Thankful for Right Now Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I’d do a special episode on the 10 things I am thankful for right now. If you are reading this right now, please don’t skip over this episode. There is something special inside you won’t want to miss. Remember, when times or tough (or when they are good) remembering what you are thankful for can be that anchoring element that gets you through… If you aren’t a member of Infinity Clients Workshop yet then you are missing out on a ton of training and step-by-step help for your law firm AND a group of law firm owners just killing it. To check it out click here.

070: How to Plug Your Biggest Law Firm Marketing Leak

How to Plug Your Biggest Law Firm Marketing Leak Lawyers are known for something out there in the world, and it’s not a good thing. This thing, coincidentally, has nothing to do with law firm marketing per se, but it’s the symptom of a problem that affects your business directly and costs you money every single day. To find out what that thing is, to plug that law firm marketing leak in your business, listen to the podcast! Oh yeah, and if you listen long enough, you’ll hear me reference a link to something that will help you fix this problem FAST. Click here to get immediate access to it!

069: The Mistake Holding Back Your Law Firm Success

The Mistake Holding Back Your Law Firm Success I was at a weekly happy hour I sponsor yesterday talking to some financial planners, and I felt like I’d stepped back in time… They were super excited about a bunch of marketing ideas they had, and they were telling me all about them. In total they had like 20 ideas… And they were trying to figure out how to execute all of them. I didn’t tell them at the time, but they were in the process of walking into the biggest mistake I often see holding back law firm owners from success. If you want to know what that is, you need to listen in to the podcast! Now, if you want the step-by-step strategy I’ve got this laid out in one of the trainings inside the Infinity Clients Workshop (as well as an entire course on Facebook advertising). The only question is, are you going to take advantage of this […]

068: The Fatal Law Firm Google Ads Mistake

The Fatal Law Firm Google Ads Mistake I am working on a new law firm google ads campaign and was compelled to create this episode to right a serious wrong I am seeing over and over and over again. As part of my prep for my law firm google ads campaigns I always go and check out the competition (no I don’t click through on their ads – I just copy and paste the URL into the nav bar). What I kept seeing made me feel really sad for the law firm that was running the campaign. They were literally letting thousands of dollars slip through their hands EVERY MONTH. The main problem with these law firm google ad campaigns was that they were forgetting one of the three parts of the sequence that result in new clients. Because they were completely ignoring this element, even if they had a great ad they were losing out on potential clients calling […]

5 Law Firm SEO Hacks to Get You More Internet Exposure Fast

We all know SEO is important, but what’s often lost in the shuffle is how to actually DO it. That all ends today my friend. Here are 5 Law Firm SEO Hacks to Get You More Internet Exposure Fast. 1. Long Tail Keywords We’d all like to rank well for “seattle estate planning attorney” or “chicago personal injury lawyer” but the fact is ranking well for those keywords is only going to come with time and hard work. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t low hanging fruit out there to take advantage of. One of the things I like to do is look around on, quora, and anywhere else I can find people asking legal questions. Then I do this… 1. I copy the question word for word as the title of my blog post. 2. I answer the question. Chances are the person typing that question in typed it into Google before they went to any of these […]
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