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082: 5 Moves for Law Firm Failure in 2018

5 Moves for Law Firm Failure in 2018 I have bad news. For most of you, you are going to look back at 2018 and be EXACTLY where you are now. It’s not for lack of trying. It’s not because of the market. It’s because you are going to make these five moves over and over and over again throughout 2018 and they are going to stunt your law firm growth. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Law firm failure doesn’t have to be the norm. Step one is to listen to this podcast, take some notes, and then do what you need to do to get to where you need to go. Cheers. Want some FREE help with your law firm. I’ve put together a page with ALL of my free training on it. If you think it might help, click here and check it out..

075: How to Create Instant Street Cred

How To Create Instant Street Cred Got an email from Kareim the other day and this is what he said: One final question (promise!) and I’ll get out of your hair: Since most estate planning clients are likely to be older, do you face a stigma, or apprehension from potential clients regarding your relative youth? Would the age difference between the “typical” estate planning client and a brand new lawyer fresh out of law school be a significant barrier to getting started and convincing one’s clients that one is capable and competent? If you want to know the answer, and how to create instant street cred as a lawyer and law firm owner, listen in… Want some FREE help with your law firm. I’ve put together a page with ALL of my free training on it. If you think it might help, click here and check it out..

070: How to Plug Your Biggest Law Firm Marketing Leak

How to Plug Your Biggest Law Firm Marketing Leak Lawyers are known for something out there in the world, and it’s not a good thing. This thing, coincidentally, has nothing to do with law firm marketing per se, but it’s the symptom of a problem that affects your business directly and costs you money every single day. To find out what that thing is, to plug that law firm marketing leak in your business, listen to the podcast! Oh yeah, and if you listen long enough, you’ll hear me reference a link to something that will help you fix this problem FAST. Click here to get immediate access to it!

068: The Fatal Law Firm Google Ads Mistake

The Fatal Law Firm Google Ads Mistake I am working on a new law firm google ads campaign and was compelled to create this episode to right a serious wrong I am seeing over and over and over again. As part of my prep for my law firm google ads campaigns I always go and check out the competition (no I don’t click through on their ads – I just copy and paste the URL into the nav bar). What I kept seeing made me feel really sad for the law firm that was running the campaign. They were literally letting thousands of dollars slip through their hands EVERY MONTH. The main problem with these law firm google ad campaigns was that they were forgetting one of the three parts of the sequence that result in new clients. Because they were completely ignoring this element, even if they had a great ad they were losing out on potential clients calling […]

067: Should I Quit My Job and Start a Law Firm?

Should I Quit My Job and Start a Law Firm? I was asked this question the other day inside the Building a Law Firm Facebook Group (what? you’re not there? click here for access) and thought it would be a great podcast episode. The question basically is “I have a good job. I could just ride it out for another 20 years and then retire. Should I do that? Can you really make money starting a law firm?” I’m sure you know what my answer is (though it’s probably not exactly what you’d think). The only way to get the full scoop is to listen in! If you aren’t a member of Infinity Clients Workshop yet then you are missing out on a ton of training and step-by-step help for your law firm AND a group of law firm owners just killing it. To check it out click here.

066: 10 Tips To Use Social Media To Get Law Firm Clients

10 Tips To Use Social Media To Get Law Firm Clients I must admit, I’m really tired of seeing law firm owners use social media entirely the wrong way. Everyone I talk to tries out social media for a few weeks, gets no new law firm clients, and then writes it off as broken. The truth is, social media is a great tool to get new clients. The problem is that you are using it all wrong. Here are 10 tips to use social media to get law firm clients (if you want the details listen to the podcast). 1. Stop getting technical. 2. Start telling stories. 3. Start doing it consistently. 4. Use Personal/Business/Groups. 5. Be YOU. 6. Get controversial. 7. Agitate. 8. Participate/contribute. 9. Lead. 10. Run the marathon. That’s your secret to getting law firm clients from social media. Now, if you want the step-by-step strategy I’ve got this laid out in one of the trainings inside […]

065: Telling Sign of Law Firm Failure

Are You Doomed to Failure? I was on the road to a CLE when I recorded this episode and I was thinking about all of the lawyers and law firm owners out there that view CLE as a nuisance and I got kind of happy. See, I love CLE, and I gladly pay for a good one (and only attend conferences that are actually relevant to my practice area). The reason I do this is simple – I only have a limited amount of time in the day and in my life. I want to try to spend every minute I can getting better and moving forward. This CLE idea for me is more a microcosm of life than a specific discussion about the number of lawyers that just brush it off. If you are brushing this off then what else are you brushing off? In what other areas of your life and your business are you letting laziness win […]

063: Successful Law Firm Advertising Timelines

Your Law Firm Advertising Timeline Is Longer Than You Think… Yesterday I launched another Facebook Ads campaign, and I’m really excited about it. I’m excited to see if it works, I’m excited about the possibilities, and I’m excited for its success. But that excitement often results in making moves with my law firm advertising campaigns too quickly. This means I lose out on potential clients and potential feedback and data on my ads that could be invaluable moving forward. For that reason, today I want to talk about realistic timelines for your law firm advertising. To get right to the heart of it, you’re going to want to give yourself at a minimum thirty days, and in most cases 60-90 days. You want your minimum budget to be at least the minimum fee you could get for the kind of case you are pursuing. And, you want to make yourself sit there and wait a bit so you can get […]

062: Your Law Firm Marketing Sucks Because You Aren’t Saying No To the Right Things

When You Choose One Law Firm Marketing Activity You Are Saying No To Another As an estate planning attorney I tend to hang out with financial planners a lot. What makes that interesting is when we talk about business and what’s working for each of us the answers are completely different. The financial services industry is so heavily regulated they don’t have any choice but to pound the pavement and find new clients. We have it much easier and can use tools like the internet, direct mail, and pretty much anything else we can think of to attract new clients. But, even though we have a lot of choices, we can still flounder about if we are making the wrong choices. Case in point. I don’t really go to happy hours anymore. I don’t sponsor events. I don’t go to events unless I’m genuinely interested in what’s going on there (no “networking” events for sure). The reason I’ve started saying […]

060: The ONLY Way To Market Your Law Firm

Stop Leg Humping And Start Leading. I’m in a mastermind group with a bunch of business owners making any where from $30K to $500K PER MONTH. All we talk about is sales and marketing and the mindset required to get to where you want to go. The other day we were in a group call and we were talking about leg humping. Do you know what that is? It’s the process of chasing around potential clients and hounding them until you beat them into submission (signing up with you) or scare them away. In the group we were talking about how to stop doing that. The main way to stop doing that is to realize and believe and ACT like every person that walks into your door is just one of many who will be walking in in the future. No one client is so important that they MUST sign up. We then went on to discuss that the easiest […]
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