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Julie Helmrich | Overcoming Fear (LFMM 086)

Everyone suffers from fear. Even the top performers, major rainmakers, and gurus experience fear. What separates them from you is that they have incorporated strategies into their lives to overcome fear. And that’s what Julie is here to talk about today. The Cheat Sheet What are three strategies for overcoming fear? How to work a room the right way. What separates great performers from average ones. Whether or not it’s possible to go from average to great. And so much more… [leadplayer_vid id=”54B4248ED3FAD”] I know how important it is to get my name out there to people that can send me business. And I know how receptive people generally are to meeting me. So why do I still find myself, from time to time, circling the block around a the office of the meeting I have trying to pump myself up to go through the door? That’s what Julie Helmrich is here to talk to us about today. She’s a […]

Must Read Law Firm Marketing Books of 2015 (part 3)

If you missed part 1 of this series, click here. If you missed part 2, click here. Over time, as my firm began to grow and become more successful, I started putting more money into the bank. We were having $20,000 months, then $30,000 months, then $40,000 month, but something funny was happening. We weren’t making any more money. What I mean is, it seemed like at the end of every month I’d look at the bank balance and we’d be right where we were when we started. That made no sense, particularly when we had a big month, but it was true. Then I read this must read law firm marketing book and not only did I gain an invaluable perspective on where the money was going, I implemented a system to put more of it in my pocket. Must Read Law Firm Marketing Book: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz This book takes a completely different perspective on managing […]

I need to do more research…

I need to plan a little more. The timing just isn’t right. When the economy improves. Once that bonus check gets paid. I just need a little more experience. I will when I save a little more money. Which one of those excuses have you used to put off doing what you know you should be doing? Which one of those excuses have you used to hide from chasing your dreams? Stop hiding. Stop putting it off. Take action. Chase your dreams. Tomorrow is a great time to procrastinate. Today is a great time to get shit done.

LFMM 077: How do I Find Time to Work On My Law Firm?

I got a question from one of the members of Law Firm Confidential today that I thought would be a great topic for a podcast. Here’s the email: Chris, I wanted to shoot you an email and ask a question of you. You can either answer me directly or feel free to do it in a podcast or email or something. My question is when do you take time to work on your law firm? Do you set aside some time each day, or do you set a big chunk during the week? The reason I am asking is because I find it easy to get a lot of things done if I set aside a big chunk of time but when things come up it’s really easy to cancel working on the firm and just take care of an issue. The podcast in law firm confidential are doing great . I don’t think my law firm would be close […]

LFMM 073: The Slight Edge (part 3)

If you missed part 1 of the Slight Edge. click here. If you missed part 2, click here. Where the Rubber Meets the Road This final discussion of the book is probably the most important. Yes, there is still some discussion on theory, but there is a lot more in this section on implementation and using the Slight Edge practice in your daily life. For example, there are 7 daily habits discussed that are game changers: Show up. Be consistent. Have a positive outlook. Be committed for the long haul. Cultivate a burning desire backed by faith. Be willing to pay the price. Practice slight edge integrity. To learn more about these slight edge habits and how to incorporate them to make your law firm successful, watch this video. [leadplayer_vid id=”54209216631A6″] Favorite Quotes from The Slight Edge If you haven’t read the book, you can get it here: The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness And […]

LFMM 072: Law Firm Management Expert Haley Odom Ackerman

It is my honor this week to talk to Haley Odom Ackerman, a former paralegal turned law firm consultant focusing on technology, efficiency, and practice management. If you know your firm needs to incoroporate more technology but you just aren’t sure where to get started, then this interview is a must listen for you. We also talk about how she got one of her articles featured on the front page of the Texas bar journal and how she’s amassed 3000 subscribers to her blog at [leadplayer_vid id=”54187E7E3387D”] Can Great Law Firm Management Make You More Money Haley Odom Ackerman seems to think so (and I’d agree with her 100%). When she started life as a paralegal she had a bird’s eye view into the way law firms were run. She had the opportunity to see law firms that had great organization and those that had poor organization. She was so driven to talk about her experiences and help other […]

LFMM 067 | Interview with Law Firm Management Expert Chuck Vann

Can you learn to be a better leader? Are there things you can do today to help manage your law firm better? Can coaching help you take your law firm to the next level? These questions and more are answered in this weeks Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast when I sit down and talk to Chuck Vann, owner of Charles Van Consulting. Chuck doesn’t just bring theoretical knowledge to the table for our discussion. He’s been the business manager for law firms small and large for nearly 30 years. And today he’s here to share his experiences with us.

LFMM 064: Stacey E. Burke, Law Firm Marketing Specialist

[leadplayer_vid id=”53B10E9CB6D51″] . Today I am excited to introduce a very special guest on law firm marketing mastery. This lovely young lady is in some ways very much like me. She is a lawyer who fell in love with marketing and the business side of owning and running a law firm. Now, in addition to being a lawyer, she spends most of her time helping other law firms get more clients, hone their processes and procedures to effectively service these new clients, and otherwise help law firm owners make more money. Stacey Burke, welcome to the show!

LFMM 063: Top 5 Podcasts I Listen To (and why)

[leadplayer_vid id=”53A7C153C0653″] Podcasts are Amazing I listen to a lot of podcasts. I probably have over 25 in my podcast feed. Whenever I get in the car to go anywhere, whenever I’m in line at the grocery store, whenever I’m walking the dog, whenever I have any free time, I’m listening to podcasts. They are an awesome way to sit in on the conversations of very successful people. Podcasts are a gateway to the soul of many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, and I’m constantly looking for new tips and tricks to try out on my own business. Today I thought I’d introduce you to my top 5 podcasts (in no particular order). If you aren’t listening to these podcasts you should start today.

LFMM 061: Starting a Law Firm Productivity and To-Do Lists

[leadplayer_vid id=”538F875A0363A”] Starting a Law Firm Productivity Lately I’ve been really focused on my productivity, or lack thereof. With my second kid being born about 3 weeks ago, and now having two kids under two, life has become a little more hectic. My time, each and every minute of the day, is now more valuable. To make sure I’m getting everything out of my day, I needed to step up my productivity game. I’d thought a lot about the time that I was wasting every day and wanted to make a change. So I did. This podcast talks about those changes and my new system for ultimate productivity. The Death (sort of) of My To-Do List One of the first things I decided to do when revamping my productivity was to kill my to-do list. Sort of. What was killing my productivity every day was two things: my addiction to checking email, and my lack of clear instruction for my […]
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