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AOL 146: Law Firm Coaching Friday – Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages; Marketing an Estate Planning Law Firm; Subscription Legal Services; and Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs

This is the first of what I hope to be MANY free law firm coaching Friday’s, where I hop on Facebook Live and answer all of your law firm questions (and anything else you want to ask). First things first, mark your calendar for Fridays at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time – that’s when this bad boy is going down (most of the time). Second, if you don’t have time to go live but still want to ask a question, hit me up at chris at and put “question” in the subject line. I’ll read your question and answer it right there. Third, there is no third! Listen to the show – it’s a good one! Fourth, okay, there is something. These are the topics covered: Estate Planning Law Firm Advantages Marketing an Estate Planning Law firm; Subscription Legal Services; Alexis Neely Estate Planning Programs; and Much Much More! Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. Tired of hope marketing for your law […]

AOL 142: Five Reasons Your Law Firm Will Fail

On this episode I talk about the five reasons your law firm will fail (or, read another way – do the opposite of what I’m talking about to have a successful law firm). I was sitting at my desk today thinking about what to talk to you about today and it dawned on me – I haven’t done a motivational talk in a while! And what better way to motivate you than to tell you why your law firm will fail. Don’t believe me? I don’t know what the statistic is on business failure as a whole, but I’ve talked to a lot of law firm owners and I can tell you a majority of them (over 80%) are struggling to just make ends meet. Why is this? Why is it so darn difficult to create a successful law firm? Here are the five reasons your law firm will fail: You will focus on the wrong things You will build […]

AOL 139: Pricing Law Firm Services to Win

Today I wanted to talk about something that we’ve all had to think about and deal with at some point in our law firm start-up career: pricing law firm services. The tough part about pricing law firm services is that there is no set pricing schedule. There is no industry standard. And no one shares their prices. For those reasons (and some other psychological factors I talk about in the podcast) pricing law firm services can seem extremely difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a little thought, a little intention, a minor shift in perspective, and some guts. Check out the podcast to get the whole scoop. Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – I’ve done it! I started my second six-figure law firm in under 4 months! Want to know my secret? Networking! And I’m sharing my tracking system with you for free. Click Here for Access. Who am I? I am an expert on starting […]

AOL 129: Unblocking Your Law Firm Vision with Eric Scroggins

Law Firm Vision. What is that? How do you find it? Where does it come from? And what happens if you want to find it so badly but unseen forces are in your way blocking you? That’s what Eric Scroggins, the author of Vision Blockers, and I talk about on the show today. Here are just a few things we talk about: Networking rule of 5; How to get financing through a bank; The biggest hurdle to unblocking your vision; How to deal with haters; and So much more! Show Resources: Book Recommendation – Put Your Dream to the Test by John C. Maxwell Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – curious about what I do on a daily basis to create and build my successful law firm? Now you can find out first hand (and steal some of my secrets). It’s called the Law Firm Confidential Podcast, and you can get access to the first 5 episodes for free […]

AOL 118: Riding the Starting a Law Firm Roller Coaster Without Throwing Up

I love talking about the things that are top of mind with my own law firm and this one is top of mind constantly. When I talk about the starting a law firm roller coaster I mean those wild ups and downs you might experience on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. I’m also talking about those wild swings in energy you have. Sometimes you are so jazzed to get to work you are getting up before the alarm and some days you are forcing yourself out of bed. This podcast won’t help you eliminate those feelings entirely – I just don’t think that is possible. But it will help you get out of the lows faster and avoid letting that voice in your head ruin your game. Here are the five ways to ride the starting a law firm roller coaster. If you want the explanation, listen to the show! Know there are ups and downs/twists and turns; […]

AOL 117: Focus on the Law Firm Start-Up Process

Starting a law firm is tough. It is painful. It is scary. Sometimes it sucks. What makes it so tough is that there is so much out there that is unknown. You can bust your ass all day or all week or all month or all quarter and not see many if any results. Most people can’t make it past this stage. If you are in this stage of starting a law firm. If you are feeling frustrated, scared, pissed off, flustered, tired, exhausted, or anything in between, this episode is for you. The key to getting through this stage is not to panic. Focus on the process, on getting your stuff done every day, and you will see results. Starting a law firm takes tenacity. It takes grit. It takes heart. It also takes a willingness to trust. Trust the process. Focus on the process. Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – curious about what I do on a daily basis […]

AOL 115: How Long Does Law Firm Start-Up Success Take?

Sometimes it can seem like law firm start-up success takes forever. But how long is too long? How do you know when you should keep going? That’s what we talk about today on the show… Hey everybody, welcome to episode 115 of The Art Of Lawyering podcast. I am your host, Christopher Small, I am out actually walking the dog tonight, figured I would mix up a little bit and give you some good stuff while talking them on a walk. Typically takes me a little bit but we’re probably not gonna take forever here. We’re doing these short bite sized episodes if you didn’t know that. Interesting question, had somebody that just wanted to join The Law Firm Confidential, and she’d been, has been at it for about three weeks. She’s been doing the stuff that’s in the program, and she hasn’t seen much success yet and she have a Facebook group and she was curious about how long […]

AOL 112: Law Firm Break Ups

Last week I broke up with my law firm. There were no tears. There were no hard feelings. There were no long goodbyes. It was simply “this isn’t working for me,” and “this isn’t working for me either,” and we went our separate ways. Here’s the thing though: I’m not sure many of you would have the guts to do that. Are you willing to make the hard choices? Are you willing to admit to yourself that everything isn’t going perfectly? Are you willing to do the hard thing that needs to be done to make sure you are as successful as possible and your firm is as successful as possible. Law firm break ups aren’t fun, but sometimes they are necessary. Why Law Firm Break Ups Happen If you want the full story you should listen to the podcast. Here’s the reader’s digest version. First, there were too many cooks in the kitchen. With so much input nothing was […]

AOL 110: Techniques, Habits, and Rituals

This episode is all about the learning curve that we are all on. Have you ever started learning anything from scratch? Of course you have!! Here’s a hint – law. When you started law you progressed through a specific series of steps that I talk about today in the podcast. 1. Techniques 2. Habits 3. Rituals If you want to know more, you’ve got to listen to the show!! Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – curious about what I do on a daily basis to create and build my successful law firm? Now you can find out first hand (and steal some of my secrets). It’s called the Law Firm Confidential Podcast, and you can get access to the first 5 episodes for free by clicking right here. Who am I? I am an expert on starting a law firm and law firm marketing. I’ve started two successful law firms (you can check out my current law firm here) and love […]

Want to Get More Law Firm Clients? Follow up.

I was having a chat with my buddy the other day and I was talking about how interesting it was now that I’m an estate planning lawyer. What is interesting is that I am not having trouble creating leads for business. The trouble is coming from getting people to actually pull the trigger. And let me be clear here real quick. These aren’t people that are saying no. In fact, they are saying yes. They just aren’t taking the next steps in the process. They still answer my calls. They still respond to my emails. They simply have no urgency to take action. The Power of Follow Up for Law Firm Clients My buddy, who is in the financial industry, completely felt my pain. And he answered my question with three words: Relentless follow up. “There was a study done some time ago that found that in situation like yours and mine where the thing to be done was important […]
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