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043: Law Firm Marketing Is A Numbers Game

August 03, 2017

The sooner that you understand that law firm marketing is a numbers game, the sooner your business will take off. There are people who carry their chickens before they’re hatched. There are lawyers who have posted online that they had a great meeting or consultation but in the end these people don’t sign up. This ruin the lawyer’s confidence, his day or his week. There are also people who are crying who thinks “What am I doing wrong?”

You should realize that business is a numbers game. Law firm marketing is a numbers game. All of a sudden nay one person that you’re talking to becomes less important and less critical to the success of your business and when that happens a bunch of different things will happen. The potential clients will sense that the supply and demand curve have switched and the demand is higher and the supply is shorter. This will make them want to sign up with you more. You will also relax and have the confidence that confidence that people are looking for when they want to hire somebody to help them do things and pay the prices that you charge. The bottom line is stop worrying for each client. Stop worrying about an individual sign up or failure to sign up and just go to work and keep going.

When you realize that this is the case, all kinds of crazy and fun things will start to happen. As an example, fifty percent of people who find me on the web book an appointment. Fifty percent of those people may raise their hand and say that they want to learn more. Of those 50 that book an appointment, 90% are gonna show up. I have a very, very high show up rate for these meetings. Of the 90%, so 45 people that are showing up on those meetings, 30% of those will sign up on average. That’s about 14 people who will sign up out of 100 people. That’s not too bad. If you get 100 people to visit your website in a month, that’s 14 new clients. That’s tremendous amount of money. That’s very little work. If they get the highest plan offered, then it’s a lot bigger.

This is where people sort of get off tracked. Let’s say you have four phone calls in a row, a lot of people get discouraged by that. They would thing something was wrong. What they don’t realize is that it can be four of that 50. It could take 36 noes and get a string of 14 yeses. Once you understand what your numbers are and understand that this is a game of averages, you can move past noes way easier and way faster. And with very little to know, like lack of confidence or hurt feelings.

Another thing that you have to remember is not every person is the right fit for you. When you give yourself the authority to have a meeting with someone and say “Hey look. I don’t think we’re a fit.” That’s when the game changes for you. That’s when you understand this law of averages and when you actually have internalized it and believed in it. you’re actually looking for good clients too. If you see red flags. You just have to say that it’s not gonna work. You shouldn’t take these noes so badly.

Let’s say it takes you 6 months to get 100 leads, that’s not good enough. The solution is not just to create more leads. There are numerous solutions to making this better. The first thing is to get more of the right people to begin with. Use e-mail, automation, content creation, networking, Facebook, Google Ads. The message that you send out and the ads that you create and the content that you create should be speaking with the people that you want so that way those people will find you. it’s not only about getting those people to the top of the funnel but also maximizing other things. You can increase your number of clients just by improving the way people set appointments and the way that you remind people. You could go further by being better at sales. You got to convince people that you’re the right person and that your proposed solution is the right one and sometimes you’ve got to convince people that the problem really exists. The last area that you can improve that can boost your number is the way that you follow up and check in with people once the meeting is over. Just by creating a very specific set follow up sequence, you can get a lot of people to sign with you in the end. If you’re not following up, they forget who they talked to, they forget who you are.

Commit yourself to improve your percentages across the board in every way. If you do that, in no time, you will be crushing it.

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Christopher Small knows how to start and build successful law firms. He is the owner of CMS Law Firm, a Bellevue estate planning firm, and Building a Law Firm, a site dedicated to teaching lawyers law firm marketing.

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