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047: You MUST Create Content

August 17, 2017

You need to be creating content right now. Not tomorrow, not the day after. You don’t need to plan. You don’t need to come up with a list to talk about. That content can be all kinds of fun stuff. It can be frequently asked questions. That’s probably the easiest to start. You should also be doing audio and video and written content. You can do them all at once. You can do three out of one. You just turn your camera phone on, hit the record button. Answer a question, answer like you’re talking to somebody else and you put that thing on YouTube, pull out the audio, make a podcast, make a blog post and put both of those things on it and you’re good to go. You get clients from the content that you create. It makes people feel that they know you.

The other content you can crate is social media content. In particular, LinkedIn and Facebook depending on who your clients are. If your clients are businesses, you might want to consider LinkedIn. On a truly social basis, Facebook is a gold mine. There are groups, you can post on your personal page and you can actually get real business form it. The key is to create the right content. The content is not “I just heard a blog post, check it out.” You need to take advantage of these platforms and what they offer. It’s a good place to do video and also a good place to do some sort of medium form content on mistakes clients are doing and the solutions to those mistakes and the mindset that they’re carrying around that’s wrong headed. People will see your stuff, it will resonate with them and they want to work with you. People aren’t gonna know about you unless you create something that’s memorable and that’s good. Just start creating content today. It might not be great at the beginning but you’ll get better. Take a minute, take your time, create a piece of content and share it. Don’t wait until it’s perfect.

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