054: Law Firms Are Like Mexican Restaurants

September 11, 2017

How many heart surgeons do you know that also do brain surgery?

How many Mexican restaurants also serve Italian food?

Not very many. And certainly not the good ones.

Then why do you think it’s okay to have three or four different practice areas with your law firm?

When starting a law firm it is so easy to fall into the multiple practice area trap.

You have no money. You have no clients. And you want a lot of both.

Someone calls you and needs help with something. You feel like you have to say yes so you can eat.

It’s this scarcity mindset that will wreak havoc on you for the rest of your days, prevent you from charging the fees that you deserve and working with the clients you want.

Picking isn’t tough. There is no right answer. You just choose.

And from that moment on you are that type of lawyer.

Do you have the guts to do what is right for your law firm?

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