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069: The Mistake Holding Back Your Law Firm Success

November 16, 2017

The Mistake Holding Back Your Law Firm Success

I was at a weekly happy hour I sponsor yesterday talking to some financial planners, and I felt like I’d stepped back in time…

They were super excited about a bunch of marketing ideas they had, and they were telling me all about them.

In total they had like 20 ideas…

And they were trying to figure out how to execute all of them.

I didn’t tell them at the time, but they were in the process of walking into the biggest mistake I often see holding back law firm owners from success.

If you want to know what that is, you need to listen in to the podcast!

Now, if you want the step-by-step strategy I’ve got this laid out in one of the trainings inside the Infinity Clients Workshop (as well as an entire course on Facebook advertising). The only question is, are you going to take advantage of this or flounder around some more?

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