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089: Cheap Law Firm Does Not Equal Efficient Law Firm

January 29, 2018

Cheap Law Firm Does Not Equal Efficient Law Firm

I saw someone in the Facebook Group talking proudly about being a true solo, a true one man law firm, and looking for help and guidance on how to make that set up even more efficient.

I felt too bad to bust his chops right there in the group, so I’m doing it here on this episode of the podcast.

The truth is, you cannot run your law firm on your own.

Sure, you can start a law firm as a one man shop. I did that myself. But as soon as you have some cash coming in the door that needs to be reinvested in the business in the form of systems and people to help you do the one thing you MUST be doing as a law firm owner.

What’s that one thing? Selling the shit out of your services.

This podcast is all about letting go of the belief that cheap equals efficient so you can start and build a law firm that will sustain your dream life.


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