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091: Networking Secrets – Two Questions I Ask Everyone

February 05, 2018

I love networking. It makes me a lot of money.

But I used to suck at it. I used to hate it.

And part of the reason for that was that I didn’t know how to approach it correctly.

I was looking for the wrong things. I was talking to the wrong people. I was having meeting after meeting with seemingly no results.

And then I realized, I was asking the wrong questions.

Networking is a lot more about finding people that are congruent with you and your goals and your plans than it is about finding someone that can send you business.

When I realized that my network improved dramatically. And yours can too.

The two questions I ask everyone I am considering to be a part of my network are:

1. What is working for you in your business.

2. What are your goals.

To find out why, listen in to the show.


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