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083: How to Brand YOU (personal branding for lawyers)

January 08, 2018

How to Brand YOU (personal branding for lawyers)

I was asked the other day in my Building a Law Firm Facebook group ( about creating a personal marketing plan for the year.

At first I was like “what is this guy talking about?”

And I actually asked him (or someone did). He said he was an associate attorney at his firm and was responsible for bringing in business.

He wanted to create a plan that would create a situation where people would call him specifically when they had a problem (as opposed to calling the firm).

That got me thinking about personal branding for lawyers and I thought it would be an interesting topic to run through (here’s the punchline – you are doing the same stuff you’d be doing for your law firm, except it’s you in the place of your firm).

Nevertheless, this was a pretty cool thought exercise and forced me to modify out loud some of the things I’ve discussed in the past.


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