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10 Ways You Can 10X Your Investment in Infinity Clients Workshop in the First 30 Days (read below)
ANNOUNCEMENT: On March 1, 2018 the pricing for Infinity Clients Workshop will change DRAMATICALLY (translation - it's going to go up). Please consider joining now to lock in this crazy good deal FOREVER. 
1. Create ads on google that provide a return on investment. Google ads are not an expensive cost - they are an investment that will pay you over and over again with new clients - if you do them right. Members have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with our Google ad strategies, and you can too.
Without ICW: hope and pray marketing with Google ads. Or hire a company that doesn't have your best interests in mind or care if you ever get a single client from one of their campaigns.
"I wanted to share what my first full month of having an Adwords campaign, squeeze pages, and give away has been like.

The advertising campaign has been a tremendous success thus far, generating approximately $28K in retainers between Jan. 1 and Jan. 29..." 

- Cassidy A.  (asked to remain anonymous so you all don't try to copy his stuff!)  
marketing a law firm
2. Get New Business From Your Old Contacts. Get a step-by-step guide to finally creating (and actually sending) that email newsletter you know will get you the referrals and new business from your contacts that you know you should be getting.

Without ICW: keep the idea for a newsletter on your to-do list, watching it continuously slip from day to day as nothing ever actually gets done.
"Hey everyone, if you haven't checked out and implemented the Email Marketing/Automation tutorial yet, I have three words: proof of concept.

57 minutes ago, I sent out my first newsletter (inspired by the template Chris provided) to the people I've tagged as potential referral sources. Within 45 minutes, one of them (whom I've only met once) cc'd me on an email introducing me as a potential client.

If you haven't done this yet, you may be leaving money on the table..." - Scott H.
3. Avoid mistakes. Have you ever tried a Facebook Ads campaign and gotten ZERO business from it? I have. And I've failed at a bunch of other marketing and business activities too. Members of ICW get to fast track their progress by piggybacking off of the mistakes I've already made. You get to go faster.

Without ICW: continue that difficult slog of trial and error, trial and error, feeling like you take one step forward and two back (if you ever even get out of the gates with some of your ideas).
"I had originally planned to have multiple practice areas but followed the advice of Chris and others and settled on Family Law. I am starting to feel overwhelmed. I'm a solo and have no employees... do any of you have any suggestions regarding staffing?" - Cassidy A. 
4. Get pushed to take the right action. The mastermind group exists as part of this group to gives members the extra push they need to take action. And, having a group of people in the same position as you ensure you are getting pushed in the right direction (if you've ever asked for help from someone who doesn't own a law firm you know how important the right help is). 

Without ICW: you have to continue to find that internal motivation and support every day and wade through the advice you get to find out what is helpful and relevant and what is misguided.
"It has always been difficult to get lawyers and partners to give clear answers or insight as to how to build and firm and what expectations you should have. 

Chris gives you a front row seat to building a practice from the ground up. You won't find this kind of information anywhere else. I love it." - Lisa W.
5. Find a network partner (or two, or three) that sends you clients NOW. Stop having coffee meetings with potential network partners that go nowhere. Get the three questions I ask every network partner to instantly know if they are going to be someone worth pursuing for new business.

Without ICW: more wasted time meeting with people again and again who you think might send you business one day but you just aren't sure about. 
"This group has helped me tremendously. 

It sounds like you joined for the same reason I did, Chris’ honesty and openness, and your personal desire to get better at creating and running a law practice…" 

- Dale S.
6. Become a thought leader in your practice area and have clients begging to work with you. Ever wish you could be KNOWN as a thought leader in your space and create a reputation for being the best in class in your practice area? You can do it, and fast, if you're intentional about the messages and the methodology with which you speak to the world.

Without ICW: spend years and years trying to build up your reputation without ever knowing if you are really creating any traction or movement.
"When I started my law firm I was having some cash flow issues. Chris shared not just his strategies with me but his landing pages, ad copy, and process for handling cases. It got me started and gave me the ability to grow. This year we'll pass seven figures in revenue..." 

Adam K.
7. Community of successful law firm owners. When you have a question about a strategy or tactic you don't have to go anywhere but our mastermind group. Get instant feedback on ad copy, blog posts, strategy, and anything else you need, including a shoulder to cry on or a boot to get your but in gear. 

Without ICW: continue out there plugging along with no real place to turn when you need help or a quick fresh set of eyes to look at something, and getting advice from people who have never tested their ideas with their own money (or gotten real results).
"I am writing this to sincerely thank you for the great service you provide to me and the entire group. I would be scared out of my mind without this group. So thank you."

- Tyler M. 
8. Launch a Facebook ad campaign that actually gets clients. Stop thinking about using Facebook to get clients and actually put something out there that works. A step-by-step method will have your entire campaign set up and running in less than an hour. 

Without ICW: spend time and money on something that might work after a tremendous amount of trial and error, or sit tight, frozen by the fear of trying to figure out the tech before even getting started.
"I guess I thought that it's nice to get you some feedback and hear how the investment in ICW does produce results and it's worth every penny."

- Sean B. 
9. Have the most productive days of your life. Do you find yourself getting to the end of the day only to look back and feel like you've gotten nothing of substance done? Are you sometimes unsure of what to do first, or do you find yourself putting off the hard things to the detriment of your firm? With ICW your productivity will skyrocket. A couple of mindset shifts and a few processes implemented and you'll increase your productivity 10 fold.

Without ICW: it's more than likely you'll continue more of the same, always wondering why it seems like you have to work so hard to get such little progress. It doesn't have to be difficult.
"I just hired my first assistant thanks to my growth in business! I'm super excited. Thanks Chris Small and everybody here for the info and encouragement."

- Court K. 
10. Become the best business owner, lawyer, and person that you've ever been. Do you ever find that you are getting in your own way of your success? Improving your mindset and approach to business and life is one of the easiest ways to increase the success of your business, and that's a focus of ours in Infinity Clients Workshop.

Without ICW: continue that same pattern of setting goals, finding ways not to reach those goals, making excuses, and repeating the process over and over again.
"Chris and the ICW community have been the main drivers of my growing practice as well as creating a stronger mindset for business and personal development."

- Ugo N. 
Hello, I'm Christopher Small, and this is my happy place...
Here's how it all started...

It was 2008 and I was moving to Seattle from Lawrence, Kansas to start a law firm. 

I didn't know a soul. I had no network. And I'd never owned a business before.

I started looking around for resources to help me start my firm. I knew the old advice "to just do good work and the clients would come" was garbage. 

I wanted to learn how to build a business. 

So I started reading, I started taking courses, and I started doing. And pretty soon I had a successful law firm up and running.

But it wasn't enough. I needed an outlet for the things I was learning, experiencing, and implementing with my law firm, AND I wanted to help out other struggling law firm owners out there smart enough to look around for help.
So I built a training platform and created a private forum where law firm owners who joined could get the benefits of my knowledge, and pay far less than it cost to hire me privately.
Pretty sweet, right?

But I wasn't sure other law firm owners would see the value. 

I opened it up to see if anyone was interested and about 25 people joined right away.

That was pretty amazing, but what really floored me (and still does) were the QUALITY of the people that joined the group. 

We had law firm owners in here from all walks of life, practice areas, and stages in their careers. We had the PI attorney from Kansas City who came in ready to blow the doors off. He was a new attorney but used what he learned to generate immediate cash flow and energize his practice. We had estate planning attorneys, bankruptcy attorney, criminal defense attorneys, and everything in between.

Over time, as we all began to learn about each other, hear our ups and downs, and see the growth that was occurring, something strange happened...

Suddenly there were no more strangers in the group. We were like a family (a dysfunctional family full of A personality types who think they know everything - but a family nevertheless).

And, most importantly, people were seeing results.
One member dove into the google adwords training, implemented fast, and added $30,000 to his bottom line in one month!
I consider that a victory for everyone.

Yes, he gets to keep the money, but we get to enjoy the victory too. We get to see, in real time, the power of implementation and experience what it feels like to succeed.

(This is especially important for new law firm owners and those who have been struggling for a long time. In Infinity Clients Workshop you have the opportunity to see someone go from idea to implementation to success - which you rarely do anywhere else.)

A couple of years and many successful members later we're still rolling along, implementing new ideas, testing new theories, and generally kicking ass and taking names against our competition.

And whether you are in the mix implementing your own ideas or following along, it's an education you can't get anywhere else. 
Today there are 6 different, specific training courses (with many sub-modules) in Infinity Clients Workshop, and I'm adding something new or updating the content all the time.
What's unique about these trainings is that they are based on RESULTS. This means you are only seeing the stuff that works, based on the proven tests from me and our members.

Word is out that Infinity Clients Workshop is the best place for law firm owners to connect, to learn, and to thrive.

And every week I'm jumping on live in our mastermind group to share something that's working for me and take questions from anyone that has one.
I could go on and on about all the ways becoming a member of Infinity Clients Workshop will change the trajectory of your law firm, but you really have to experience it to understand.
Infinity Clients Workshop works so well because I keep things simple...

I don't ask you to get bogged down in tech. Almost all of the training is accompanied with screen shots of my actual accounts (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.), and I show you step-by-step, mouse click by mouse click, how to get things done.

Everything we share is based on results. Everyone treats everyone with respect, and everyone pays to join. 

The more you participate in the group, the more value you will get from your investment.

Shy and introverted and don't want to participate? No problem. You can consume all the trainings and watch the conversations as they unfold, learning along the way (this is actually how I participate in a lot of the groups I'm a part of).

It doesn't matter HOW you use the forum, just show up.

Will you join us?
"The Google Adwords stuff is great. Been messing with it all week and I've been literally getting a phone call for every three 'clicks' on my website. Very cool stuff."

- Austin N. 
Your Infinity Clients Workshop Membership Includes

Unlimited MasterMind Access

Connect instantly with law firm owners out there who understand what you're going through and can give you candid feedback fast.

6 Complete Training Courses

Video training on mindset, networking, content creation, Facebook ads, Google ads, and using social media to create instant influence.

Weekly Training and Q&A Sessions

Always work on the cutting edge by getting a bird's eye view every week of what I'm working on, what's working for me (and what's not).

Steal My Work!

I don't just teach you how to set up email automation or landing pages. I literally give you access to templates you can use for yourself.
How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?
Try Infinity Clients Workshop with No Risk Using the
"30 Day 10X ROI Guarantee"
I understand that this is a big investment, which is why I offer a 10X ROI Guarantee.

I am so sure (because I've seen it many times now) that you can get 10X ROI of your investment within the first 30 days that I'm willing to personally walk you through your first 30 days to make it happen.

Here's how it works:
1) Fill out your 3-step profile (which I'll send you);
2) Watch 15 minutes of any training; and
3) Tell me in the MasterMind Group how I can help you solve your #1 business problem right now.

That's all I need to give you a custom path to getting 10X ROI from Infinity Clients Workshop. If you aren't convinced of the value after doing those three steps and implementing the advice I offer I will refund you 100% with no hassle and no hard feelings. 
"I want to tell you all that although you haven't heard from me lately I am reaping the benefits of my affiliation with you. Thanks to all the work we have done I am actually leaving on a 10 day vacation without shutting down the practice and refusing cases as I have done in the past.

I have a system in place to handle incoming business, I hired a part time assistant and have another attorney doing what i would do while I am gone.

I have a healthy cushion in my bank account so I am not worried about paying for this trip. I am happy to report that I am doing really well. I can't say leaving for 10 days hasn't been hard to set up but I did it!"

- Audrey C. 
The Infinity Clients Workshop System
Course 1: The Millionaire Mindset
The biggest challenge you have to your success is you. Your thoughts, your limiting beliefs, your fears. It's the first and biggest thing EVERYONE has to get over to experience success.

This module sets the stage for your mindset shift from struggling business owner to successful business owner.

I lay out what a 7 figure mindset looks like (and how to get it), how to start your day off right every day, and how to approach the challenges that will pop up in a way that guarantees you win.
Course 2: Follow Up Formula
How much time of your day is wasted following up with people?

How many potential clients fall through the cracks because you forget to follow up with them?

Say goodbye to all of those problems, more revenue, more time, and happier clients (and potential clients). 

In this module I take you step-by-step through the process of designing your weekly email newsletter (I share my own emails and automations) and designing your potential client and client follow up systems (again, I share my own emails and automation).

With this module you could have your entire follow up system up and running in less than half an hour...
Course 3: Instant Authority
This course is all about using content to create instant influence, instant expertise, and instant credibility.

I lay out step-by-step how I come up with my content ideas, create my videos and podcasts, and distribute it to the world. 

I show you how SEO really works and how you can leverage what you are doing to get presence on the internet from people looking for you right now.

And, when they call you up they aren't deciding whether or not to hire you. They've already hired you. They feel like they know you. They are just going through the formality of the process to sign up with you.
Session 4: Networking Mastery
Never waste time meeting people you will never do business with again. 

Included in this course is my secret "three question referral partner test" that will give you INSTANT feedback on whether or not they will be good for you no matter what else they say.

If you've struggled with networking, including finding network partners, finding the right network partners, getting people to meet with you, and getting people to actually send you business, this course is a must for you.
Course 5: Winning with Facebook
Facebook is the new frontier for client acquisition. We have the ability to target people by age, gender, marital status, income level, pages they like, location, and hundreds of other attributes.

But it's not as easy as putting up a billboard saying "Need a lawyer? Call 555-5555." 

This course walks you through, step-by-step, how to identify your ideal client, how to create an ad that makes them take notice, and how to interact with your ideal client so they can't wait to hire you.

And that's not all. Facebook is also an amazing place to create authority, leadership, and a community presence. I'll walk you through how to do that too - and it doesn't take any money to get started.
Session 6: Google Ads
There is a reason Google Ads cost money - they work.

What this course is designed to do is eliminate the learning curve with Google Ads so your hard earned dollars invested in the platform provide you a quick return on your investment.

In this course I cover the ins and outs of keyword selection, campaign creation and landing page design. 

I also give you some strategies to help you stand out from the other lawyers touting "experience" and "aggressive defense" and all of the other cliche words that are thrown around in our industry.

If you need clients, Google Ads can get them for you.
Get Exclusive Access Today...
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