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LFMM 017: Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

LFMM 017: Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition

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In this episode of Law Firm Marketing Mastery I talk about finding your unique selling proposition.

When people call my law firm they always want to know one thing – how much does it cost?

But that question can’t be answered unless people know who we are and what makes us different from everyone else.

In other words, our unique selling proposition.

If you think your law firm is just like everyone else’s then you’re a commodity – you’re going to be racing to the bottom to offer the lowest price for your services.

But a unique experience, a secret process, or even just a different way of doing things can mean the difference between starting a successful law firm and just being another face in the crowd.

In this Episode I Talk About:

  • A new face in the firm;
  • Creating our unique selling proposition; and
  • A must read book for starting and running a successful law firm.

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  2. E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber

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