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Overcoming Obstacles

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”
– Henry Ford –

Starting, running, and marketing a successful law firm is not easy. If it was everyone would open their law firm and immediately become rich.

But it is possible.

The difference between the successful and the barely getting by is in the way they view obstacles. As the quote implies, the successful don’t allow obstacles to distract them from the big picture, from the ultimate goal.

If you read enough books on leadership, entrepreneurship, success, and overcoming fear, you’ll see a recurring metaphor when it comes to overcoming hurdles to success. The metaphor is that of running water. You are running water. Obstacles are rocks.

What does water do when it encounters a rock? It goes around it. If it can’t go around it it goes under it. If it can’t go under it it goes over it. If it can’t go over it it pushes on the rock until it wears it down enough that it can move past it.

And in most cases the water doesn’t pick just one way to overcome the rock. It tries all of the paths and takes the one that makes getting around the rock the easiest.

Today, instead of focusing on how big the rock is, take a step back and see your ultimate goal past the rock. Then do what you have to do to move past the rock.

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