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Want to Take a Look Under the Hood of My New Website? Free Webinar Tuesday October 8!

Daily thoughts on law firm success.

Want to Take a Look Under the Hood of My New Website? Free Webinar Tuesday October 8!

This post is from the first blog I started, called “How to Start a Law Firm.” Over the years I’ve moved to different sites a few times and wanted to catalog all of my content in one place. If an article refers to a link and there is no link, sorry, that’s consequence of the move. Enjoy!

Ever Wonder Why People Design Things the Way they Do?

As most of you already know, I’m a law firm marketing junkie. I love the business of starting and running a successful law firm, and I spend a lot of time thinking about, writing about, and putting into practice everything I pick up.

One of the things I’m always curious about is the thought process behind website design for law firm. Although I imagine most people just look at what’s been done before and copy it, there has to be a little bit more than that, right?

The problem, though, is that people are very rarely available to tell you what went into the design of their website. What their goals are with their website. What they want people to do when they get to their website.

Well, I’m putting an end to that.

I’m Giving You an Inside Look at My New Website

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Come Take a Look!

I’ve been designing my new website for the past few weeks, and although it’s still not complete, I want to give you a chance to see what I’ve been doing, and more imporantly, why I’ve been doing it.

Here’s my old website – My new website is 100 times valium price better and more effective than this.

Why Does this Even Matter?

Whether you are just thinking about starting a law firm or are already on your way, you’re going to realize one thing very quickly – getting clients is the name of the game.

Without clients you aren’t a lawyer. Without clients you can’t eat. Without clients you don’t really have a business.

And your website should be generating you a TON of business.

How to Take a Look Under the Hood of My New Law Firm Website

Getting access to the webinar is easy. I’m only making it available to the people that are serious about learning about starting a law firm. And all that means for me is signing up for my newsletter.

In addition to getting access to this webinar and future webinars, you’re going to get my monthly income and expense numbers. NO ONE ELSE IS GIVING OUT THIS INFORMATION!

I don’t just want to talk about law firm marketing. I want to show you how it can be successful. The only way I can do that is by telling you what I’m doing to market my law firm and then showing you whether or not it’s working.

To sign up and get access to my FREE webinar, just enter your name and email address below. I’ll be sending out sign up information at the end of the day today.

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