Month: November 2012

LFMM 005: How to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

By: Christopher Small Quick side note. This podcast is all about goals. I want you to do a favor for me. After you listen, go down into the comments and tell me one goal you have for 2013. Let’s make it happen! In this session of The Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast I talk about how to make 2013 your best year ever. Yep, it’s a goal setting podcast! Though the last sentence may make you think goal setting is something of a joke, in reality it’s extremely important to the success of you personally and of your law firm. You can start a law firm without goals, but without them, you’ll never know if you’re making the progress you want. In This Episode I Talk About: My philosophy behind setting goals; My goal setting mindset; How I did with […]

LFMM 004: How to Make Money TODAY with Your Law Firm

By: Christopher Small In this session of The Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast I talk about how you can make money TODAY with your law firm. I was thinking back to the time when I started my law firm and what I was thinking about, and one of the things that was constantly on my mind was “where is that first dollar going to come from?” I wanted to give you a couple of options so that you can start making money the first day you open the doors of your law firm. In This Episode I Talk About: My Experience Creating a Radio Advertising Campaign; Three Ways You Can Start Making Money Right Now with Your Law Firm; The Importance of Not Filling Your Day with “Work” so You Feel Important; and One Free Tool Every Law Firm Needs […]

The Myth of “Paying Your Dues” (and something on Goal Setting)

By: Christopher Small Don’t Let Others Frame Your World View When I thought about what I was going to write today, I decided it was going to be about goal setting. The new year is coming up, and now is a great time to start thinking about that. And then I read this quote and decided I was going to take this post in a different direction: I always felt, “this is how I pay my dues”. But who am I paying dues to? Why must unhappiness be paid out in large quantities in order to eventually acquire happiness? That’s just a myth. The myth of the young caffeinated person working at his of her desk 20 hours a day in order to one day, someday, anyday now, please make it all “worth” it. This quote is from a blog […]

LFMM 003: 3 Starting a Law Firm and Marketing a Law Firm Lessons I Learned from My Latest Trial

By: Christopher Small In this session of the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast I talk about 3 lessons I learned from my latest trial and how they can be applied to both starting a law firm and marketing a law firm. I’m not going to tell you how it turned out here, but I am going to let you in on some insights I’ll be carrying with me as I move forward. In this Episode I Talk About: Why it’s important to choose a niche when starting your law firm; Why Foonberg’s book probably isn’t something you want to be relying on for all your business questions; The importance of systems and standard operating procedures in your law firm; The role you play as both lawyer for your clients and owner of your law firm; How to embrace taking risks, […]

Without this Your Law Firm Marketing Efforts are Going to Suck

I love it when I get to write posts like this. This post actually applies to both of the things I love: starting a law firm; and marketing a law firm. As I’m writing about this topic I’m thinking about the difficulty I have managing talking about things that are a little more advanced when it comes to law firm marketing and the things that are foundational when it comes to law firm marketing. It’s fun to talk about both, but I err on the side of foundation because if you don’t have that right then the advanced stuff isn’t going to work (and we all need to check up on our foundational characteristics from time to time). Today’s topic is definitely foundational. If you don’t have this right everything else is going to suck. What Kind of Law Firm […]

LFMM 002: 3 Reasons Old School Attorneys Don’t Want You to Market Your Law Firm

In this session of The Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast I dive deep into my own business to talk about a time I literally almost lost my business. It’s a lesson everyone can learn without having to make the mistake on their own, so I wanted to share my experience with you so you don’t have to experience it first hand. In this session, I talk about: How a DUI trial I’m working on relates to starting a law firm and marketing a law firm. 3 reasons old school attorneys don’t like you marketing your law firm. One thing to be weary of if you”outsource” your marketing. How to optimize your free Yelp! listing to get great results without paying any money. And much more! Right click here to download the MP3 Items mentioned in the podcast include: The Smart […]

I've Moved – AGAIN!

This post is from the first blog I started, called “How to Start a Law Firm.” Over the years I’ve moved to different sites a few times and wanted to catalog all of my content in one place. If an article refers to a link and there is no link, sorry, that’s consequence of the move. Enjoy! I’ve decided it’s time to get this site organized and moving in a coherent direction. To do that, I’ve decided to just set up an entirely new site. We’re now going to be located at Before you click over though, I want you to know a couple of things: You need to subscribe to the new feed on the website if you don’t want to miss anything new! (top right corner of website) Like My Facebook Page Follow Me on Twitter Subscribe […]

The “Hidden” Cost of Starting a Law Firm Most People Forget About

By: Christopher Small On this, the eve of the Presidential Election, I thought I’d talk about one of the “hidden” costs of starting a law firm that most people forget about. It’s a cost that, quite honestly, may be the biggest expense I pay all year. You may be wondering how something so big could be hidden. Well, the fact of the matter is, it’s not actually hidden. We all know it exists. What happens, though, is that I, at least, am constantly under anticipating what the actual cost is. And that’s not a good thing for my bottom line. What’s the cost I’m talking about? TAXES Owning a Business Brings with it a Ton of Tax Obligations One of the things people don’t really talk about when starting a law firm are the tax obligations you are going to […]
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