Month: March 2014

LFMM 053: How to Start a Law Firm – Niche or General Practice?

When Starting a Law Firm, is Specializing Better than General Practice? I received an email from Rand this week asking me a question I asked myself when I was first thinking about how to start a law firm. Here’s the email: Chris, I am getting prepared to launch my law firm and find your information very,very practical and insightful. The issue I am struggling with is that I have built my career within the areas of Business, Bankruptcy, real estate, family and estate planning. I understand it is best to find your niche and focus on one area of law to become the expert but in my experience these areas and issues quite often overlap (especially in a transactional sense). So, I have been unable to narrow my specific practice area(s). What are your thoughts on starting with such a wide range of areas? Ideas or tips to narrow the scope of my practice? Because I know this is a […]

3 Keys to a Kick Ass Law Firm Website

[leadplayer_vid id=”531D4AD82C85A”] Today’s law firm marketing mastery podcast episode is all about putting together a website for your law firm that does what it is supposed to do: get you more clients (or, I guess, if it’s supposed to do something else, that). Because this is a podcast, the show notes here are going to be short. If you want the whole scoop, listen to the podcast (don’t miss an episode by subscribing at iTunes) or watch the video. Because I like you and I’d like you to start your own podcast, my notes, word for word are below the signature. Designing a Great Law Firm Website Isn’t Tough You really need three things for a great law firm website: Great SEO Great Call to Action Great Tone of Voice You don’t need fancy images swooping in or anything like that. Go back to the basics. Make something that works well and crushes it. That’s it. Those are all the […]

Law Firm Foundations: 5 Books Jump Start Your Business

[leadplayer_vid id=”531499AD92A24″] Have you looked out there lately for good resources on starting and marketing a law firm? If you have, I bet you’ve been pretty disappointed. What I’ve been most disappointed in is that it seems as though everyone talking about law firm marketing is focusing only on what other law firms are doing. In my mind that translates to outdated, ineffective methodology. And I know, because I’ve spent time looking everywhere for help with my firm, and I’ve picked up a little knowledge along the way. Today I want to share that with you.
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