Month: April 2014

LFMM 055: How to Make Quantum Leaps with Your Business (all from the comfort of your car)

[leadplayer_vid id=”534862162EE35″] Today I decided to record my weekly podcast in my car on the way to court. It’s a place I spend a lot of time and I thought I’d tell you how I use that time to make quantum leaps with my business. Marketing a Law Firm is an Ongoing Process Marketing your law firm never stops. If you aren’t doing something to actively create business, you should be thinking about and planning a way to do something. That’s where the car comes in. Most people spend their time in the car, or in the grocery store, or walking their dog listening to the radio or generally just vegging out. Why not use that time to learn more about how to make your law firm kick all the other law firms’ asses? Podcasts Can Greatly Increase Your Business You already know this because you listen to my podcast, but there is a ton of great information out there […]

LFMM 054: Starting a Law Firm and Getting Things Done

[leadplayer_vid id=”533CA4093C7C7″] Getting Things Done When Starting a Law Firm Yesterday I had the best conversation with a guy named Prince. Prince is a lawyer, like the rest of us, who just started his law firm. He called me (like anyone who subscribes to my newsletter can) out of the blue to ask me for some advice. He was having trouble figuring out what to do first to market his law firm. If you want to hear the whole story, you’ve got to listen to the podcast.
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