Month: May 2014

LFMM 060: Jacob Sapochnick – the Facebook Lawyer

[leadplayer_vid id=”5382CF77A8F07″] . What’s the one thing all lawyers want when they start a law firm? Exposure. What if I told you I talked to a lawyer this week that has over 100,000 facebook fans and had one of his posts get over 3 million views?! Would that satisfy your need for exposure? That’s what Jacob Sapochnick, the owner of a successful San Diego immigration law firm. He started his firm from the ground up and has learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to starting and building a successful law firm. More About this Show and the Facebook Lawyer Jacob Sapochnick is an immigration lawyer in San Deigo. He started his firm after working for another law firm that he thought wasn’t treating clients in the best way possible. Jacob’s journey started in Israel, his native country. After going to college and law school in England, he made his way to the United States with big dreams […]

LFMM 059: Starting a Law Firm | What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

[leadplayer_vid id=”537A818389658″] What to do if You Don’t Know What to Do When I first started my law firm there were many days when I would sit down at my desk knowing I had a ton of stuff to do to get my firm off the ground but not having any idea where to start or where to go or even really what to do. For example, I knew that I needed a website, but I wasn’t sure how to get one. Do I guy a URL and try to design it myself? Do I pay on of the law firm website builders to do it? Do I try to find someone on craigslist or google? Do I use pictures? How do I figure out what to write? And on and on.

LFMM 058: Dealing with Law Firm Mistakes the Right Way

[leadplayer_vid id=”5370FB1498EDA”] Last week I talked about dealing with haters, when you get those people leaving reviews on your site saying you suck when they haven’t even used your services. Today, we’re going to talk about what to do when you actually mess up and have to handle a situation. We’re going to talk about dealing with law firm mistakes the right way. Law Firm Mistakes will Happen No matter how hard you try you are going to mess up. It’s just a fact of life. Even if you are perfect, your staff won’t be. Something will slip through the cracks. You will piss off a client. Believe it or not, the clients that happens to don’t have to be throw aways. In fact, they can become your best referral sources. It’s all in how you handle the situation. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Want to Take Your Law Firm to the Next Level? When I started […]

LFMM 057: Dealing with Haters

[leadplayer_vid id=”5362B05D3DFBA”] Haters Gonna Hate This week I had something interesting happen to me. I had a hater take an interest in my facebook page. This hater had never used our services, had never talked to anyone at the office, had never had any contact with us whatsoever. Despite that lack of experience, this person felt compelled to leave this comment: Now, I wanted to freak out, but I didn’t. This episode is about how I handled it, and how you should too. Christopher Small is the owner of Emerald City Law Group, Inc., a Seattle personal injury and criminal defense law firm, and at heart, an entrepreneur.
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