Month: April 2015

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Someone asked me the other day to identify the one book that has had the biggest impact on my life, both professionally and personally, to date. Without hesitating I said “The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson“. Greatness Comes Via Small Incremental Changes The entire philosophy of The Slight Edge is that greatness, monumental changes, and amazing success don’t come about by short bursts of awesomeness. Instead, those things are achieved by systematically doing the right thing, day after day, until all of those little victories result in a huge win. I’m a great example of that. I didn’t achieve my success over night. When I started my law firm I had nothing – no referral sources, no clients, no income. To get there I put my head down and wrote a blog post every day. For a long time I saw no traction. It felt like I was spinning my wheels. But I knew I was doing the right thing, […]

The Top Secret of Top Producing Attorneys

What do you think when you see another lawyer sitting across from you at a CLE or in court and you know they are doing better than you? Do you think they have an unfair advantage? Do you think they have access to some secret sauce that you just can’t find? Do you think they are lucky? Do you wonder to yourself what it would be like to be that person everyone else is looking at? If you’ve been thinking any of those things then I’ve got some good news for you – I’ve got the answer today. But I’ve also got some bad news for you. After you read this article 99% of you are going to keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and be in the same place you’ve always been. Why do I say that? I think you’ll understand by the time you’re done reading this. The Top Secret of Top Producing Attorneys The difference […]

AOL 025: How to Start a Law Firm with No Experience with Anthony C. Johnson

Anthony C. Johnson is no average attorney. In just a few short years he’s built a wildly profitable law firm and he did so lacking what many of you consider a critical component to success – experience practicing law. Of course, over time, he has gained considerable experience, but when he was thinking about how to start a law firm with no experience he came up with a novel approach – he brought in outside attorneys to help. Now, you may think it’s a little more complicated than that, and you’d be right. But Anthony takes the time to go through the process of how to start a law firm with no experience, and make a ton of money doing it. To get that, and much more, listen to the episode! Resources Johnson Vines Law Firm American Injury Attorney Group Anthony on Twitter Book Recommendation: The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers […]

AOL 024: Law Firm Office Space and Other Q&A

We’re back with another episode of the Friday Q&A Session! Remember, there are no bad questions, only bad people who are afraid to ask questions. If you want to ask a question you can do so in a couple of different ways: You can email me here You can tweet me here; or You can ask me on Facebook Some of the topics this week include: How to find keywords for your adwords account; Asking questions that you think are only unique to you; How to start a law firm and raise money for it; Where to find keywords for your law firm marketing efforts; Whether to rent out law firm office space to lawyers only or other businesses; How to handle signage when renting out law firm office space; and When the appropriate time to have multiple law firm websites is. There is all of that, and more, on this week’s episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast! Cheers!

AOL 023: Law Firm Social Media Marketing with Marc Cerniglia

This is a continuation of a series of talks I did with Marc (you can see the first one here) about everything related to marketing your law firm on the internet. If you are looking into how to start a law firm and you aren’t thinking about law firm social media purchase valium marketing then you are missing a critical component of a successful law firm marketing plan. What is Law Firm Social Media Marketing? When we’re talking about law firm social media marketing we are talking about everything from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and everything in between. We talk about it more in depth in the interview, but what’s cool about social media marketing is that it allows you to keep the conversation going with your potential clients even though they might not need you at that exact moment. AOL 23 Resources One Marketing Marc on Twitter Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in […]

How to Start a Law Firm: the difference 1% makes

Most people think they need to make huge changes right now to become successful. If they don’t see what they want or aspire to right away, they quit, thinking they’ll never find it. The truly successful know that rewards are earned one day at a time, getting better just one percent a day. It’s that commitment to those small incremental changes that makes all the difference. I was reminded of that today by a buddy of mine who sent me an email. I sent an email out to my list on Friday (I send one out every Friday) asking them what they wanted to know from me. I received over 20 responses, but this one was probably the best. Here it is: Here you go. As you know at 211 degrees water is hot. At 212 degrees water boils. Boiling water creates steam and steam can power a locomotive. You may be wondering where I am going with this? Well, […]

AOL 022: How to Start a Law Firm Questions Answered

I’m back with another Friday Q&A podcast. Remember, if you’ve got questions you want answered you can ask them in a variety of ways: You can email me here; You can join my Facebook Group here; You send me a tweet here How to Start a Law Firm Questions Asked on this Episode Question 1: I’m starting an email list. Which email service do you recommend? Do you set up one set of emails that go to your current clients regarding a update on their case and one for prospects outlining benefits of hiring your services? Do you start your email list with your friends and family? Do you suggest sending out the same email to everyone on your list or following a set pattern so everyone gets the same emails regardless of when they start? Do you use your emails as content on your site? Question 2: When do you thinking about taking on a partner, as opposed to […]

How to Start a Law Firm: Chasing the Shiny Object

The good thing about starting a law firm is there are a hundred different ways to do it. The bad thing about starting a law firm is there are a hundred different ways to do it. I had a conversation with a member of Law Firm Confidential yesterday about the things he should be doing right now to get his law firm up and running. He has a launch date of a few months out and he’s trying to get a grip on everything he should be doing. But he didn’t call me (yes, he called me, on my cell phone – it’s a perk of being a member) to talk about what to do first. He called me because he was thinking of joining another group (in addition to mine) to learn more about getting started. I have some experience with the group and he wanted to know what I thought about him joining. The first thing I told […]

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 021: Bryan Marble and Law Firm Website Design

If you listened to the podcast and heard Bryan’s offer for The Art of Lawyering Podcast listeners and you want to take advantage of that, then click here. If you haven’t listened yet, listen! This week’s podcast guest is Bryan Marble, Founder and CEO of AmazeLaw, a business dedicated to helping law firms create beautiful, optimized web sites by making law firm website design and upkeep simple and convenient. I met Bryan in a pretty interesting way – he reached out to me to try to advertise on the podcast. I ended up telling him “I’d love to have you advertise, but I think it would be even cooler if you came on the podcast and talked about how lawyers can make sure their websites are working hard for them and make sure they are performing well when it comes to search engine optimization. Bryan agreed, and the rest is history. If you are thinking about how to start a […]

How to Start a Law Firm: Dress for Success

No, dressing nicely won’t make the phone ring. It won’t make clients beat down your door. It won’t make you a successful law firm owner. But if you are thinking about how to start a law firm and you don’t commit to dressing nicely, then I won’t be surprised when you struggle. Success follows success. People want to refer their friends, colleagues, and neighbors to someone the looks respectful. Network partners want to feel uplifted by those in their network, not put on a pedestal. When I started my law firm several years ago I made myself a promise – I will dress up for work every single day, even if I don’t have any clients to meet or anyone else to impress. I made that promise to myself for one simple reason – I knew I was more likely to get work done if I was dressed for work, and I knew that, on the off chance that I […]
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