Month: October 2015

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 78: 5 Things I'd Do Differently if Starting a Law Firm Today

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 78: 5 Things I’d Do Differently if Starting a Law Firm Today I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it would be like to start a law firm all over again. As I thought about what that experience would be like I began to put together a plan that looked rather different from what I actually did when I started my law firm 6 years ago. It wasn’t that what I did back then was wrong, it’s just that I’ve got so much more experience now and that experience has allowed me to focus on what’s really important (networking, marketing, processes) and what isn’t (name of law firm, etc.). I thought it would be a great idea to share some of those differences with you so you could skip the step of having to acquire 6 years of experience. Here are the five things I’d do differently if starting a law firm all over […]

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 077: Starting a Bankruptcy Practice with John Skiba

Today’s guest actually has a lot in common with me. In addition to starting and building a successful law firm – his a bankruptcy practice – he also has created and maintains a website devoted to successful law firm marketing – He’s opened not one, but two successful law firms, and also buy valium safely online found time to create a family with 6 kids! I am excited to welcome John Skiba! Resources JDsupra Jay Flieshman facebook page (“consumer central”) @johnskiba Book rec. – EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 076: How to Get the Most Out of Conferences

This podcast comes to you from sunny downtown Phoenix. I’m at the third of three mastermind conferences with the group I’m involved with and I wanted to share with you my five tips for getting the most out of conferences. Now, before you take off, I want you to know there’s some stuff in there you are not expecting but can exponentially increase the return on your conference investment. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 75: Continuity and Starting a Law Firm with Michael Prywes

This episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast was a particularly good one. Michael brought a lot of energy along with a lot of thoughtful commentary, to the show. Michael is a New York attorney and the owner of Prywes Schwartz PLLC, a law firm created to cater to artists and entrepreneurs. He’s got his own wikipedia page and imdb profile. You can find him at What’s interesting about Michael’s story, other than the fact that he has a legitimate wikipedia page, is that he never really intended to get into the law. It sort of happened to him as a result of his life generic valium online no prescription experience. And, what’s even more special is that Michael used the law and is using his law firm to help him achieve his dream life, which is what we’re all after. Resources – custom business cards – custom business cards Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less The […]

The #AskChristopherSmall Show 11: How to Make the Phone Ring When Starting a Law Firm

On this episode of the show we talk about: 01:05 – When should I hire an associate attorney? 03:55 – What is your best advice for getting the phone to ring when starting a law firm? 08:23 – What’s the best way to transition a career into the legal field? 11:22 – What are good ways to keep clients coming back? The Art of Lawyering | How to Start a Law Firm | Law Firm Marketing | Leadership | Mindset | Productivity MY NEWEST PODCAST – FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM – FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK – – Christopher Small knows how to build profitable law firms. When he started his law firm in 2009 he looked around for resources to help, found none, and created his own based on the lessons he learned from books, courses, mentors, and the street. That resource is The Art of Lawyering. This is his way of providing amazing value and […]

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 074: How to Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Keep Them Longer

On this episode of the podcast I talk about a unique law firm business model that I’ve been implementing with a lot of success lately, and I hope you will consider adopting in your business. I think we all want to get more clients to our law firm. And wouldn’t it be cooler if we could make more money per client? And wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get our clients to stay with us for a longer period of time? Well, I have an idea to make that happen, and that’s what we talk about on today’s show. Resources Law Firm Confidential Podcast – Marketing in Your Car with Russell Brunson

AOL 073: Jamie Samuels on Eliminating Stupid Patents

This week’s guest has a very interesting story to tell. She’s been in IP law for some time and her work in the tech arena has taken her career on a very interesting course. Julie is a patent lawyer and executive director of Engine, a nonprofit focused on technology entrepreneurship and giving startups a seat at the table in policy debates. Before that she was a senior staff attorney and the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. One of the interesting aspects to her story is her decision to leave a high paying job at a big law firm doing IP law to pursue her passion to make sure tech companies big and small are protected from bad business practices and bad government legislation. There is a ton of great information packed into this interview so go listen to it right now! Show Resources Engine Electronic Frontier Foundation Book Recommendation – Great House: A […]

The #AskChristopherSmall Show 10: What is the 5 Year Outlook for Lawyers?

Everyone knows that finding a lawyer job out of law school is tough. The market is tight, there are a lot of experienced attorneys out there looking for jobs, and the future is uncertain. Or is it? On this episode of The #AskChristopherSmall Show I talk about what I think the future holds for lawyers, plus some other cool stuff. Questions: 01:49 – what is the 5 year outlook for attorneys? 06:11 – what is a lucrative area of the law that will remain that way for a long time? 09:15 – since I practice social security/disability law I was debating having books printed to give out to doctors to put in their waiting rooms. Do you think it is worth the expense? 12:55 – what books are you reading right now, and what books is he reading? The Art of Lawyering | How to Start a Law Firm | Law Firm Marketing | Leadership | Mindset | Productivity […]

The Art of Lawyering Podcast Episode 72: Finishing

On this episode of The Art of Lawyering Podcast I talk about something we all need to work on: finishing. When it comes to finishing, we all fall short. No one ever finishes everything that they start. It’s impossible to do so. But, if you look around at the people you consider to be the most successful, you will see a common thread – they are disproportionately good at finishing. What does that mean? It means they aren’t afraid to get uncomfortable. It means they are committed to consistently generic valium doing those activities they know will get results. It means they aren’t afraid (or they know how to push through the fear) of doing something for the first time and not being very good at it. Think about it this way. You know networking will get you clients. You know consistently creating content will get you clients. You know working on your sales skills will get you clients. But […]
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