Month: January 2016

AOL 102: Five Law Firm Pricing Strategies to Crush It

The topic for this episode is borne of a discussion in my Law Firm Confidential Platinum group. One of the members is going into a new practice area and was concerned about how to set prices. After much back and forth I think she finally began to feel comfortable picking a starting point, but it made me think there are probably a lot of people out there having this same problem. Five Law Firm Pricing Strategies to Crush It An important thing to remember here is that we aren’t trying to suck every last drop of money out of our clients. Far from it. What we are trying to do is get paid for the value of our service to our clients. More value requires more money. The goal if for your clients to pay you a ton of money for your help, get your help, and then go out and rave to their friends and family about how awesome […]

The One Thing You Need to Build a Million Dollar Law Firm

This post is going to be a little controversial, I can already tell. No, it’s not the title. No, it’s not the content. It’s the implication. It’s probably going to make you mad. It’s definitely going to make you question everything you’ve been doing. The One Thing You Need to Build a Million Dollar Law Firm If you want to create a million dollar law firm you only need one thing: A true desire to create a million dollar law firm. Now, while you are sitting there saying to yourself “I really want one,” ask yourself this: When was the last time you made a sales call for your law firm? When was the last time you worked on refining the processes in your law firm? When was the last time you wrote a blog post even though you didn’t really want to and it was late and you were tired? When was the last time you read a book […]

AOL 101: Leveraging a Law Firm Podcast with Bentley Tolk

Today’s guest is a little different than most. He is not a small law firm owner. He is a shareholder in Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, a Salt Lake City law firm of nearly 70 lawyers. Though he is outside of the fold when it comes to his law firm size, he hits the bullseye when it comes to a passion for law firm marketing, in particular using the internet to spread the word about his services. Today’s guest has two podcasts, one about his practice area, the ERISA Litigation Podcast, and one about legal marketing, Legal Marketing Launch. It’s the one and only Bentley Tolk! Is a Law Firm Podcast Worth it? I think most people by now have heard about podcast and think a law firm podcast might be a benefit to their law firm. But many people are just unsure of how to use a podcast properly. On today’s show we talk about just that. Bentley goes […]

AOL 100: 5 Ways to Start a Law Firm Fast

We made it to episode 100! I’m not doing anything special for this, because I think I’m the only one that cares about this milestone. All I ask is that you leave a comment below and tell me how the show has helped you. Today’s topic is one I am near and dear to. It is the reason I started this website, this podcast, and everything else associated with The Art of Lawyering. To start a law firm fast you only need a few basic foundational elements. I’m going to give you those today. 5 Ways to Start a Law Firm Fast Here are the ways: Network your butt off; Create a strong web presence; Create a strong sales funnel; Focus on what matters; and Get help. As always, if you want to know what each of these really means, you need to listen to the episode. Also, if you want to know what “fast” means, you’ve got to listen […]

Is Law School Preparing You to Find a Job as a Lawyer?

I saw this great post from Seth Godin the other day and it immediately got me to thinking about law school graduates and the way they approach finding and getting a job. Here’s the post No Direction Home (it’s a short one): There are millions of college seniors beginning their job search in earnest. And many of them are using the skills they’ve been rewarded for in the past: Writing applications; Being judged on visible metrics; Showing up at the official (placement) office; Doing well on the assignments; Paying attention to deadlines, but waiting until the last minute, why not; Getting picked; and Fitting in. The thing is, whether you’re a newly graduating senior (in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt) or a middle-aged, experienced knowledge worker looking for a new job, what the best gigs want to know is: Can you show me a history of generous, talented, extraordinary side projects? Have you ever been so passionate about […]

AOL 99: Law Firm Funnels, Marketing, and Money with Jim Hart

Today’s guest is a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a podcaster. He started his first law firm, The Hart Law Firm, a family law firm, in 2010, and recently started a new law firm, Hawthorn Law, focused on Trademark and IP Law. Today is your lucky day because he’s got a big interest in using internet resources to build his client base just like I do – we’re going to get into the nuts and bolts of that. We talk a lot in this show about law firm funnels. To give you a little bit of background, law firm funnels are simply the work flow that you intend to take a person from potential client to client, and beyond. For example, my law firm funnels work like this, generally: Pre-frame bridge; Qualify interested potential client; Qualify as a purchasing client; Identify hyper-active buyers; and Age and ascend the relationship. Can you see how having a specific framework like this can make […]

AOL 98: 5 Law Firm Trends for 2016

I was reading an article the other day on the technology trends for 2016 that someone was prophesizing and I thought it would be a great idea to do something like for law firms. I believe that the legal industry is on the cusp of really big changes. I think it’s going to start being handled by people that have a lot more business savvy and those people are going to use 21st century technology to crush it. And there’s a lot more I think is going to happen in 2016 for law firms. To get the scoop, you’ve got to listen to the show. 5 Law Firm Trends for 2016 Okay, I’ll give you a little teaser. As usual, though, there is no context with this list, so to get the full scoop you’re going to want to listen to the show. Virtual everything; Facebook advertising; Subscription services; Reality check with our place in the world; Move from associates […]

AOL 97: Five Reasons I Love ClickFunnels for My Law Firm Marketing

If you know anything about me you know I’m crazy about sales funnels. Sales funnels are those things that help people find you and work through your law firm to purchase your services. If you are a law firm owner or are in charge of law firm marketing for your firm, then sales funnels are a must have item. Over the past three months or so I’ve been using a new system to create my online funnels called ClickFunnels. I’ve used it to streamline my internet law firm marketing efforts and increase conversions of potential clients to new clients. Today I want to talk to you about five reasons I love ClickFunnels for my law firm marketing. The five reasons are listed below. As always if you want the details you need to listen to the podcast. And there is one important note here – at the end of the podcast I throw in a crazy awesome giveaway. Make sure […]

AOL 96: 10 Things I'm Focusing on in 2016 for a Successful Law Firm

Hello 2016! No blog post or podcast starting off 2016 would be complete without some kind of list outlining what I’m doing to crush the year right? So here it is, 10 things I’m focusing on in 2016 for a successful law firm. This is the list. If you want the “why” you’ve got to listen to the podcast! Getting one project done at a time; Following up; Process process process; Batching; Greatness tracking; Weekly meetings; Exercise; Facebook (ads and interaction); Following through; Webinars; Resources Clickfunnels #RichLifeLawyer Show The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies Cheers, Christopher Small P.S. – curious about what I do on a daily basis to create and build my successful law firms? Now you can find out first hand (and steal some of my secrets). It’s called the Law Firm Confidential Podcast, and you can get access to the first 5 episodes for free by clicking right here.
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