Month: November 2016

AOL 148: Law Firm Goals – Go Big or Be Realistic? (plus your other questions)

We’re with an episode of free coaching Friday, where I answer your questions live on Facebook. The main topic of conversation today was law firm goals and whether or not the right way to set law firm goals was to be realistic or to go big. I used to be a fan of realistic but aggressive law firm goals. I thought it was important to push yourself, but to also set something within reason, something you could actually achieve. Lately I’ve kind of changed my tune with this, and it’s because of a book I recently read called The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. If you want to hear all about it, plus your other questions answered, go listen in. Christopher Small is the founder of CMS Law Firm LLC a Seattle estate planning law firm. He loves talking about the lessons he’s learned starting a law firm to help you do the same.
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