Month: July 2017

042: Law Firm Marketing Machine 4th Lever – Facebook

Why is Facebook so important? It’s really critically important that you learn how to use it professionally. You can hire people to manage your Facebook page like an intern so it could be cheap or free. There are people right now who are using Facebook and if you don’t get into the game, in years, you’re gonna be playing catch up. If you’re new to the game, then it’s perfect. If you’re not creating great content, a lot of people are in front of you. You need to create content of Facebook because it gives people a way to know who you are. Why Facebook? There are 234 million monthly users. That’s Canada and United States combined. And it’s growing every month. People are getting in touch with their families so the people who are using it includes the older ones. It’s the same with Instagram. The second reason why you want to use Facebook is for targeting and retargeting. […]

041: The REAL Reason You Aren’t Hitting Your Law Firm Goals

Some of you are not doing so well. Some of you are not achieving the results that you want. You are not seeing the results that you need and you’re not sure why. This is in no particular order. First reason: You care what people think. You’re scared of what people would think. You’re afraid that other attorneys would think that you’re not good. You’re scared that clients would not like you. You’re scared that the prosecutor would not think you’re coo. You’re scared that your peers would not recognize you for being a good attorney. You’re scared that people would think that you’re not a great business owner. The point is you’re just worried of what people are thinking. The sooner that you get that out of your brain and the sooner that you can internalize success and everything you do to the point that the only thing you care about is whether or not you are doing the […]

040: Law Firm Marketing Machine 3rd Lever – Networking

The 3rd component of law firm marketing machine is ‘Networking’. This gets into the sort of trust part of business. it’s not necessary being friends but just having someone you can trust. You want to see the success of your network as well. They get to know about you, your family, your dreams, your goals and people can’t help but want to be a part of that success. That’s what network can get you. Keane Ng, who is a very good mortgage broker and also a greatness tracker subscriber, networking has come out in one of his trainings before. If it comes to networking, it’s really easy to get trapped. If you constantly go to coffees and lunches and make calls, reach out and do things then it can become a job in itself. There is a fine line between networking and becoming a slave to the network. Networking is definitely a component and it can get your business up […]

039: 5 Ways to Build the Brand of You

This is very important particularly in the modern age. There are a lot of people who are better than you or as good as you. It’s really important to be intentional in building the brand of you. This episode is born out of a lot of from observation. What is not observed is any sort of differentiation from anyone which is not good. 1. DRESS NICELY If you can stand out, all the better. Anytime people can remember you. First impressions make a huge difference. You have the ability to control your first impression 100%. Take advantage of it. As an example, every time I go to the office I wear a suite even if I don’t have meetings. To everyone in the building I’m known as the guy who wears a suit. the suits need not to be expensive, but they fit well. You know you look good when people tell you that. take some time to know what […]

038: Law Firm Marketing Machine 2nd Component – Content

This episode is focused on the 2nd step of the law firm marketing machine which is content. Content is extremely valuable – but why? Here are some reasons why you should be creating content on a regular basis. It will allow you to establish expertise. It will create trust. It will differentiate you from everyone else. Plain ol’ SEO. What do we talk about? Answer frequently asked questions. You can do case studies. You can talk about myths related to your practice area. You can do expert interviews. You can talk about your philosophy, values, and your story. How do we create content? Create one piece of content and use it in different ways like using it is a podcast, a video, or a blog. It is important to remember that in this day and age, if someone is referred to you, they initially Google you. So with content available, it builds your credibility and they will immediately assume that […]

037: Law Firm Marketing Machine 1st Component – Email

This episode focuses on the corner stone of every law firm: Email Marketing. There are two parts in the marketing machine – Automation and Trust Building/Marketing/Sales. You can achieve this via Active Campaign or Aquity. The automation starts with a series of follow up emails followed by scheduling a meeting. Through an automation system, you save time, increase the response rate and earn money at the same time. I have all this scripted including the automation sequences in BLF Society. Registration only opens once a month. To learn more go to The second section is Trust Building/Marketing/Sales. This is a weekly email that goes out to the entire email list. It is a set of pre-written emails which would allow you to take people where you exactly want to go. The goal is to educate, inspire, entertain, and sell. Remember that all the emails are available in BLF Society. Links Mentioned in the Show Building a Law Firm Website […]

036: Stop Being Afraid

Stop being afraid. There is so much potential that is just waiting to be nurtured. We should prepare and take advantage in having the ability to orchestrate everything that people experience in our firms. Be real and straightforward in what your firm can offer and people will resonate with it. Links Mentioned in the Show Building a Law Firm Website Christopher Small knows how to start and build successful law firms. He is the owner of CMS Law Firm, a Bellevue estate planning firm, and Building a Law Firm, a site dedicated to teaching lawyers how to start a law firm.

35: 5 Elements Of A 7 Figure Law Firm Marketing Plan

How do you get more clients? In this episode, we talk about the 5 Elements of A 7 Figure Law Firm Marketing Plan. The important thing to remember is each of these 5 elements intertwine with each other. What makes them so great is that they build and compliment each other. Element 1: Content The only way that people can determine if you’re good is by the content you create and the relationship you build with people. Content creation is the key to help establish trust with your audience. Element 2: Networking The human touch. You must create relationships. Lawyers are not so great in keeping up with people so it is important that you create a venue where people who are referred to you can find you and learn about you. This is what content creation can do for you. Your credibility is reflected by the content you create. Tip: Do a quarterly review. Element 3: Automated Email Follow […]
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