Month: August 2017

051: Don’t Be Like Your Problem Law Firm Client

problem law firm client
We all have experience problem clients with our law firms before. Think, for a second, about those problem law firm clients. Now, instead of your client’s face, I want you to see yourself doing the exact same thing. Because, unbeknownst to you, you are doing some things that your problem law firm clients are doing, and it’s costing you… Don’t Believe You Have All the Answers You ever have that client that just knows everything? Everything you say they respond with “oh yeah, I knew that.” And, on top of that, they don’t want to hear anything you have to say because they believe they already know everything they need to know on the subject. In many ways in your role as a law firm owner you fall into this trap. I hope you are educated on how to marketing your law firm and start your law firm. But there is so much more out there that you haven’t even […]

050: Law Firm SEO is a Game You Don’t Want to Win

law firm SEO
For some reasons law firm SEO wraps around most law firm owners like a warm blanket. It’s something we can see, it’s something we can track, and it seems like it should be something that if we had more of it we’d make more money. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Law Firm SEO is a Joke You are the only one that’s not in on it yet. If you don’t believe me just do me a quick favor and google your favorite lawyer search term. I guarantee you this is what you will see: [1] A set of 3-4 advertisements; [2] A set of 3-5 google map listings; [3] Way down the page some organic search results (that are typically avvo or yelp. It’s important that you can’t and YOU DON’T WANT TO win this game. It’s for suckers. To find out why law firm SEO is broken, listen to the podcast.

049: Your Law Firm Growth Curve Revealed

law firm growth
One thing that really confused me when I started my law firm was how fast it should be growing. I had big goals, but I wasn’t sure if they were appropriate, reasonable, or even in the ball park of what was to be expected. All I knew was that I wanted my business to keep growing and keep growing fast, and I was going to do whatever I could to make my law firm the best it could be. Fast forward now to my second law firm startup and I’ve got a pretty good barometer for what to expect when it comes to growth. And the starting a law firm math is pretty easy. [Year 1] In year one you should literally just make as much money as you can and keep as much in the business as you can. Pay your bills, eat, and invest the rest of that money into hiring a coach to help you go even […]

048: Focus on Short-Term Goals to Achieve Long-Term Goals

law firm goals
I used to believe that long-term goals were important for starting a law firm. What I mean is, I’d make plans for 3, 5, and 10 years out, and sometimes I would do something and say to myself “this doesn’t make that much sense in the short-term, but long-term it’s going to work out amazingly.” Well, all of that has changed. Sort of. Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m doing on a daily basis and I came to a conclusion everything that is good for the short-term is good for the long-term. This is true particularly if what you are doing in the short-term is good for your clients and good for your business (i.e. you aren’t scamming people). The point here is to stop making excuses for not making sales calls, for not following up, for not creating content because you are too busy doing stuff for the long-term. Start setting meetings. Start making sales. Start creating satisfied […]

047: You MUST Create Content

law firm SEO
You need to be creating content right now. Not tomorrow, not the day after. You don’t need to plan. You don’t need to come up with a list to talk about. That content can be all kinds of fun stuff. It can be frequently asked questions. That’s probably the easiest to start. You should also be doing audio and video and written content. You can do them all at once. You can do three out of one. You just turn your camera phone on, hit the record button. Answer a question, answer like you’re talking to somebody else and you put that thing on YouTube, pull out the audio, make a podcast, make a blog post and put both of those things on it and you’re good to go. You get clients from the content that you create. It makes people feel that they know you. The other content you can crate is social media content. In particular, LinkedIn and […]

046: Successful Law Firm Essentials

how to start a law firm
When you’re starting and building it’s important to just focus on the essentials and then add that other stuff if you need to and as you can afford it. Essential number one is you’ve got to have a practice area. Niches get riches. If you aren’t focusing on one space, if you’re not letting everybody know that you’re good in one thing then you’re missing out in an amazing opportunity in the short and long term. When you can tell somebody that you are good in one thing and you are the best, people will come to you for that. If you do multiple things, you’re messages are weaker, vague and cloudy. Essential number two is delving a little deeper and deciding you’re ideal client within that niche. For example, families with more than 3 million dollars in assets. Will you take other clients? Yes, you help everybody but your marketing, messaging, tone and advertising are geared towards your ideal […]

045: Five Signs You’re Not A Pro

how to start a law firm
In reality this is a check, a reminder, that image does matter. The way that people see you and the way you are perceived matters. It matters with the type of clients that you get, the people that will work with you, the people who will take the next step to learn more about you. 1. You are not using a unique URL for your email Having an email ending with, and other public domains is unprofessional. Having a unique URL is cheap and very easy. It’s very easy for people to refer you. This makes a big difference. People can make decisions with this small items. 2. You have a fallback which says that you don’t have to do it Your initial response should be – I wonder if that will work. I should try and experiment or any alternative. You should think how you can make it work. Try to see everything as an experiment and […]

044: 3 Steps To Becoming A Thought Leader

law firm marketing
Creating a name in the industry helps to build trust. It helps to build expertise. It helps to create rapport with your audience with your potential clients. It also helps get referral from professional connections. When you can be seen as someone who really knows their craft, good things happen. If I ask you, who is a really good ‘blank’ that you have? For example, if you ask me, who is a really good estate planning attorney, besides yourself? I won’t be able to tell because I don’t know a lot of estate planners. but even if I did it would be difficult to say who is good and who is not. Think of how you’re gonna make that decision if somebody ask you that same question? What you would do is sort of you go to their resume. What accolades do they have at the back of their name? you would think about where they have spoken. You would […]

043: Law Firm Marketing Is A Numbers Game

how to start a law firm
The sooner that you understand that law firm marketing is a numbers game, the sooner your business will take off. There are people who carry their chickens before they’re hatched. There are lawyers who have posted online that they had a great meeting or consultation but in the end these people don’t sign up. This ruin the lawyer’s confidence, his day or his week. There are also people who are crying who thinks “What am I doing wrong?” You should realize that business is a numbers game. Law firm marketing is a numbers game. All of a sudden nay one person that you’re talking to becomes less important and less critical to the success of your business and when that happens a bunch of different things will happen. The potential clients will sense that the supply and demand curve have switched and the demand is higher and the supply is shorter. This will make them want to sign up with […]
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