Month: October 2017

064: People Are Coming To Get You

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People Are Coming to Take Your Law Firm There is a storm brewing out there, an effort to subvert all of your work, and if you aren’t ready to face it head on, it’s going to gobble up your law firm and leave nothing left for you to live on. What I’m talking about here is your insistence on ignoring Facebook and Google as the new advertising channels for your business. And when you do that, you leave the door open for some new law firm owner (or some established one looking for new fresh ground) to come in and take over. You may not believe this, but neither did those attorneys making all of their money from the Yellow Pages. Neither did those attorneys relying only on word of mouth (when the Yellow Pages appeared). It’s time for you to take control of your law firm and learn and understand these new marketing methods. Without them, you are putting […]

063: Successful Law Firm Advertising Timelines

law firm advertising
Your Law Firm Advertising Timeline Is Longer Than You Think… Yesterday I launched another Facebook Ads campaign, and I’m really excited about it. I’m excited to see if it works, I’m excited about the possibilities, and I’m excited for its success. But that excitement often results in making moves with my law firm advertising campaigns too quickly. This means I lose out on potential clients and potential feedback and data on my ads that could be invaluable moving forward. For that reason, today I want to talk about realistic timelines for your law firm advertising. To get right to the heart of it, you’re going to want to give yourself at a minimum thirty days, and in most cases 60-90 days. You want your minimum budget to be at least the minimum fee you could get for the kind of case you are pursuing. And, you want to make yourself sit there and wait a bit so you can get […]

062: Your Law Firm Marketing Sucks Because You Aren’t Saying No To the Right Things

law firm marketing
When You Choose One Law Firm Marketing Activity You Are Saying No To Another As an estate planning attorney I tend to hang out with financial planners a lot. What makes that interesting is when we talk about business and what’s working for each of us the answers are completely different. The financial services industry is so heavily regulated they don’t have any choice but to pound the pavement and find new clients. We have it much easier and can use tools like the internet, direct mail, and pretty much anything else we can think of to attract new clients. But, even though we have a lot of choices, we can still flounder about if we are making the wrong choices. Case in point. I don’t really go to happy hours anymore. I don’t sponsor events. I don’t go to events unless I’m genuinely interested in what’s going on there (no “networking” events for sure). The reason I’ve started saying […]

061: How To Avoid Distraction, Frustration And Fear When Starting Your Law Firm

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How To Avoid Distraction, Frustration, and Fear When Starting Your Law Firm If you’re anything like me you have a big problem. You have really big goals and you want to accomplish them really fast. You have a great plan for getting there (if you don’t then you should jump on this free training) but you are having trouble staying focused and motivated. There is a tendency for you to work hard on something for a couple of days or weeks and then lose focus and look for the next big thing to do or new tactics to implement. I used to be the same way. And then I had a mindset shift that changed all of that. I learned about the difference between lead indicators and lag indicators. Lag indicators are those big goals that we all have. Make $X dollars this year or this quarter. Sign up so many new law firm clients. And on and on. The […]

060: The ONLY Way To Market Your Law Firm

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Stop Leg Humping And Start Leading. I’m in a mastermind group with a bunch of business owners making any where from $30K to $500K PER MONTH. All we talk about is sales and marketing and the mindset required to get to where you want to go. The other day we were in a group call and we were talking about leg humping. Do you know what that is? It’s the process of chasing around potential clients and hounding them until you beat them into submission (signing up with you) or scare them away. In the group we were talking about how to stop doing that. The main way to stop doing that is to realize and believe and ACT like every person that walks into your door is just one of many who will be walking in in the future. No one client is so important that they MUST sign up. We then went on to discuss that the easiest […]

059: How Much Time Should You Spend ‘On’ Your Law Firm

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If you are looking for the answer to the question posed in the podcast you’re going to have to listen to the podcast… When I ask people how their business is going they usually say “okay.” Then I ask them “what’s your biggest challenge?” and they tell me “I’m working in my business too much instead of on my business.” Sounds great in theory and it’s really catchy, but it’s bullshit. Here are 10 ways you can get more time to work on your law firm instead of in it: 1. Stop answering your phone. 2. Stop booking meetings without Acuity Scheduling. 3. Get off of Facebook (and everything else). 4. Stop listening and start doing. 5. No more research. 6. Bill flat fee/contingency OR raise your rates (or both) 7. Close your email. 8. Turn off notifications. 9. If it doesn’t help your law firm, don’t do it. 10. Stop being a baby and get to work. The fact […]

058: Three Reasons You Won’t Accomplish Your Law Firm Goals in 2017

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You will probably not reach your law firm business goals in 2017 Yep, I said it. I don’t believe you will. And there are three reasons for that. Here they are. You Don’t Write Your Goals Down When I started my law firm way back in the day I had goals. I just wanted to get some clients. That was it. And I didn’t really accomplish what I was trying to do because I didn’t get clear and write down exactly what I was going after. My guess is that you don’t either. Now, though, I take it one step further. I don’t just write down my goals and look at them throughout the quarter. I rewrite my goals every day. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been so successful. And your failing to do it is one of the reasons you’re going to fail. You Have Fake Goals I can’t tell you how many people I talk to that […]
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