Month: December 2017

080: The First Step To A Six Figure Law Firm

how to create a six figure law firm
The First Step To A Six-Figure Law Firm Today I wanted to give you something that you could implement with your firm RIGHT now that will immediately add value to your day and your business. I learned this lesson the hard way with my first law firm startup and it took me upwards of 12 months to execute this step. With my new law firm it was the FIRST thing I did right out of the gate. What was it? I made sure I never had to answer the phone ever again. And I mean never. Why is this so important? First, it makes sure your work is never interrupted. Your efficiency is going to skyrocket. Second, it makes sure I don’t ever have to talk to marketers – they are screened out and directed to email me. Third, it makes sure I never play phone tag again. I use Conversational Reception, but there are many other people out there […]

079: The Best Time To Plant A Tree…

Stop Looking Backward and Start Getting to Work There is an ancient Chinese proverb that goes something like this: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. It always happens to me around this time of year. I start looking back at the year to evaluate what went right and what went wrong. And often I find myself dwelling on what COULD have been. “If only I’d done ‘x’ things would have been crazy.” “I can’t believe I didn’t fully integrate ‘y’ like I wanted to – I really missed out.” This episode is all about one thing – figure out what the one thing you can do right now to get you and your law firm back on track and start doing it today. Cheers. Want some FREE help with your law firm. I’ve put together a page with ALL of my free training on it. If you think it […]

078: A Simple Facebook Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Facebook law firm marketing
A Simple Facebook Law Firm Marketing Strategy I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and planning for 2018 and I’ve decided that I want Facebook to be a big part of that plan. In looking around at what was working for other people (not in the legal industry) I noticed that they were doing some pretty ninja stuff to market and brand their firm (really more brand than market). I thought I’d share one of these strategies with you in case you wanted to implement it in your own Facebook law firm marketing plan. It’s pretty straightforward, but the gist of it is this: we need to be using every piece of content in as many ways as possible – including spreading our voice to the world via Facebook. The process is simple: (1) you create a video; (2) you upload it to Facebook; (3) you boost it to your audience. Rinse and repeat. The goal is to get people […]

077: Multiple Practice Areas are Bad for Law Firms

law firm practice areas
Multiple Practices Areas Are Bad For Law Firms I had a conversation with an Infinity Clients Workshop member last week that I just had to share here today. I was learning a little about his business when he told me he had three different practice areas. “I’m protecting against a down economy,” he told me, seeing my disappointment. I told him I disagreed and then launched into the myriad of reasons why I was right. I wanted to share those ideas with you here today. Here are several reasons why multiple practice areas are bad for law firms… If you are interested in learning how to double your law firm revenue in 12 months and join a group of law firm owners crushing it, click here. If not, no big deal, continue on as is. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

076: Repeating Your Law Firm SEO Content

law firm SEO
Repeating Your Law Firm SEO Content I was having a conversation with an Inner Circle member yesterday and we were talking about Law Firm SEO and how difficult it can be to create original content for your law firm. As we got into the discussion I realized I’d been making a fatal error in the way I approached law firm content creation. The key when it comes to law firm content creation isn’t to discuss a new topic every single time, but instead to have a few common themes that you repeat over and over again. Law Firm SEO content is just like your message out there in the real world. It only gets consumed part of the time. It never gets old because it is consumed irregularly. People have a short memory when it comes to what they’ve heard. And if it’s important to them and relevant it will be interesting even if they’ve heard it before. As you […]

075: How to Create Instant Street Cred

lawyer street cred
How To Create Instant Street Cred Got an email from Kareim the other day and this is what he said: One final question (promise!) and I’ll get out of your hair: Since most estate planning clients are likely to be older, do you face a stigma, or apprehension from potential clients regarding your relative youth? Would the age difference between the “typical” estate planning client and a brand new lawyer fresh out of law school be a significant barrier to getting started and convincing one’s clients that one is capable and competent? If you want to know the answer, and how to create instant street cred as a lawyer and law firm owner, listen in… Want some FREE help with your law firm. I’ve put together a page with ALL of my free training on it. If you think it might help, click here and check it out..

074: The Chicken Or The Egg In Business

how to start a law firm
The Chicken Or The Egg In Business? I see this all the time when I talk to law firm owners. They want to have more clients, then NEED more clients, but they don’t want to spend money on law firm marketing until they have more clients. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends. There is one solution to this problem (you probably already know what it is) and one mindset hack to get the results you want (that you might not be aware of). To get both, listen in to the episode! Want some FREE help with your law firm. I’ve put together a page with ALL of my free training on it. If you think it might help, click here and check it out..
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