Month: May 2018

115: 5 Law Firm Lessons Learned from My Vacation

law firm lessons
5 Law Firm Lessons Learned from Vacation A few weeks ago I took a vacation. We packed up our bags and went to Palm Spring, California for 6 days. I played golf, I jumped in the pool, I went to Stagecoach, I hung with my family, I had a really fun time. On the way home from the vacation I was reflecting a little bit on our time there and putting it into context with where I originally was in my law firm ownership journey. I realized something, in fact, 5 things. I wanted to talk about those right here. 1. Your law firm won’t fail. No matter how scary it might seem to leave your business for a few days, going on vacation will NOT spell the demise of your business. It’s simply a fear your subconscious mind creates to mess with you. When I left for that amount of time I actually got back with more business, not […]

114: How to Get Your Law Firm Into the Google Maps Three Pack

law firm in google maps three pack
How to Get Your Law Firm into the Google Maps 3 Pack In my private Facebook group for my Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator peeps someone asked a question about getting their law firm into the Google Maps 3 pack. More specifically, their question was about paying someone five hundred dollars a month to do this! I told her not to worry, getting into the three pack wasn’t that difficult IF she followed my advice and did what I suggested she do. Here’s what I told her: 1. Claim your google maps profile This might be an obvious step one, but it’s something a lot of people miss. To do this, just google “how to claim my google maps profile” and you’ll find the directions. 2. Build out your profile COMPLETELY Once you’ve got that claimed, you are going to want to build that thing out as much as you can. Add in pictures, videos, descriptions, and anything else you can […]

113: How I’d Start a Law Firm TODAY

starting a law firm
What I Would Do If I Were Starting a Law Firm From Scratch TODAY I figured today would be a good day to get a little tactical and stop talking about mindset all the time when it comes to starting a law firm. So today we’re going to hop in the hypothetical machine and imagine what I’d do if I were starting a law firm today. I came up with 4 things I’d do right off the bat, and you’re probably going to think they are a little strange (just trust me, it works). So, if you are starting a law firm and looking for a plan of action or an old pro looking for some ideas for jumpstarting your law firm, here you go. 1. Get online calendar to auto-book appointments. 2. Get email autoresponder program. 3. Zapier 4. Hire VA to answer the phone (I use conversational reception). To get the details, and the full story, […]
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