Month: July 2018

Stop Listening to Law Firm Marketing Advice from Your Mother | Building a Law Firm 121

 Stop Listening to Law Firm Marketing Advice from Your Mother I was playing golf with a guy last week that was not good. He wasn’t terrible, but you could definitely tell he was a beginner. As we made our way around the course one of the other guys that was with us, who was also not a good golfer, started giving him tips for changing his swing around. After a few holes of listening to this I leaned over and said to the guy… “If you actually want to get good go get a lesson from a pro. But whatever you do don’t pay any attention to what your fellow weekend duffer tells you about how to fix your swing.” At the same time that this was happening (okay, not EXACTLY the same time) I was involved in a coaching call where someone was challenging some proposed strategies because of some feedback they’d received… …from their mother (or spouse, […]

3 Hidden Reasons You Won’t Advertise Your Law Firm | Building a Law Firm 120

3 Reasons You Won’t Advertise Your Law Firm When I started my law firm I was 100% against law firm advertising. I thought it was unnecessary. I thought it was worthless. I thought I would never do it. And then I realized I was an idiot. As more and more time has gone by and I’ve talked to more and more law firm owners, I’ve realized most of us have some demons to exorcise when it comes to law firm advertising. The best way to do that is to call out those hidden mental roadblocks holding you back. 1. SCARCITY MINDSET – you’d rather keep a stranglehold on a little money than make a lot (with what seems like risky behavior). Most law firm owners begin their approach to advertising like it is a cost. That would be wrong. Thing about advertising like investing. When you put $100 dollars into the stock market, do you expect to lose it? Of […]

119: It’s Not Supposed to be Easy…

It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy… Systems and processes are necessary for efficiency, a consistent experience and work product, and effectiveness. But make no mistake about it, you are still going to have to will yourself to success every day. You are still going to have to push yourself to perform. You will never truly be “comfortable.” So, when you find yourself struggling through the day, don’t be disappointed. Rejoice in the fact that you have the guts to push through. Okay, that’s it. Time to get to work. Want an inside look at how I’m building all of these systems and website tools, including step-by-step help? Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator is here for you, and you can try it out for FREE for one week (and only pay $27/month after that). To check it out click the link – Cheers. Christopher Small
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