Month: December 2018

New Beginnings…

law firm marketing
Hello! Hello! I hope you are having a great Monday. The year is winding down and now is not the time to let your foot off the gas… But that’s not the reason I’m writing to you today. I wanted to let you know about a commitment I’m making to myself and to you starting today and moving forward into, well, probably forever.  When I originally started Building a Law Firm years and years ago I did so for two reasons – first, to document my journey so I could look back some day at all the dumb things I did and laugh; and second, to help other law firm owners find their faster and easier (there were NO resources out there like this when I started my law firm 10 years ago). Today I am still fulfilling on both of those reasons, only I want to do it BETTER. And I want to do it better whether you join […]
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