Three Law Firm Marketing Video Tips for Even Better Results | Building a Law Firm 122

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Three Law Firm Marketing Video Tips for Even Better Results | Building a Law Firm 122

Three Law Firm Marketing Video Tips for Even Better Results

My two video shows, Estate Planning TV (see it at and WA Probate TV (see it at account for a tremendous amount of my business.

There are brand building advantages.

There are law firm SEO advantages.

There are no like trust advantages.

And I’m always trying to get law firm owners to create a show for their law firm so they can get new clients on the regular.

Most of the time I tell people “just turn the camera on and get started.”

And that advice works, for the most part.

Once you get over the fear of talking to the camera (which is who that initial advice is geared toward) there are some things you can do to make your videos that much more persuasive and impactful.

Today we’re going to talk about three law firm marketing video tips.

1. Your Law Firm Marketing Video Background Matters

I know, I know, I told you to just turn the camera on and go.

But we’re better than that now, so it’s time to up your game.

Now, you don’t need a green screen. You don’t need some dramatic background. All you need is to have THOUGHT about your background.

What is not acceptable is the boring off-white office wall with your diploma on it.

Take 30 seconds, think about where you’re at, and make the background good.

I just made it easy and built some cool book shelves that I use as a background every time.

Whatever you do, make sure you think about it.

And, to go along with that, make sure you are shooting your videos at least at eye height. Don’t just set it on your desk and start talking.

Looks DO matter, a little. So, if you’re making a bunch of these videos, try to make each one look a little bit better than the last.

2. Chop The Front and Back of Your Law Firm Marketing Videos

I often see straight up raw videos posted on people’s law firm pages.

You can see them reaching up to turn the camera on.

You can see them reaching up to turn the camera off.

You can see them getting ready to talk.

Don’t do that!

There is free editing software out there (I think you can even do it on YouTube) that let’s you chop off the front and the back.

Take 5 minutes and do that.

3. Be Yourself in Your Law Firm Marketing Videos

This is the biggest problem I see in law firm marketing videos.

They get on camera and obviously know what they are talking about, but they are BORING.

Listen, if you aren’t offending half of the people that watch your video and making fans out of the other half, you aren’t doing it right.

Know that out there in the world are a certain set of people that are going to love you and a certain set that aren’t.

The ones that aren’t ARE NOT YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS.

You will have more fun, make more money, and have happier clients when you start acting like yourself on the daily.

Now get out there and make some videos!


Christopher Small

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