New Beginnings…

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Hello! Hello! I hope you are having a great Monday. The year is winding down and now is not the time to let your foot off the gas… But that’s not the reason I’m writing to you today. I wanted to let you know about a commitment I’m making to myself and to you starting today and moving forward into, well, probably forever.  When I originally started Building a Law Firm years and years ago I did so for two reasons – first, to document my journey so I could look back some day at all the dumb things I did and laugh; and second, to help other law firm owners find their faster and easier (there were NO resources out there like this when I started my law firm 10 years ago). Today I am still fulfilling on both of those reasons, only I want to do it BETTER. And I want to do it better whether you join […]

Where Have I Been? | Building a Law Firm 124

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It has been quite some time since I last posted a podcast show here, and I wanted to end the drought and tell you a little bit about what I’ve been doing. It all boils down to four main things. First, the law firm got REALLY busy. So busy, in fact, that my manpower and systems were being pushed to the limit. So… I had to do change something. Second, I hired a new full time paralegal, expanded the office, and got her up and running. Then, the personal life started kicking in. Third, I had a kid start kindergarten and we tore down our house and started building a new one! (as if starting a law firm and doing all of that wasn’t enough) Fourth, and finally, as part of my systems and processes update, I decided to update how I create this content. It’s made for some bumps along the way, and slowed down the process while it […]

Don’t Let August Slip Through the Cracks

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Don’t Let August Slip Through the Cracks August is a month when most people take a vacation. Not much work gets done. It’s REAL easy to write August off and tell yourself “in September I’ll get back in the game.” It’s REAL easy to say “my potential clients are taking August off so why even try?” I’m here to tell you that that’s fine. Go ahead and do that. But know there are people like me who, although they are taking time off in August, still have their head down and are busting their butt to make things happen. Vacations are great, but if you want to get to where you want to go, you’ve got to put the work in. Cheers. Christopher Small P.S. – For a limited time you can join me and a ton of other successful law firm owners in The Backroom for a FREE 7 day trial (and it’s only $27/month after that) – so… […]

Three Law Firm Marketing Video Tips for Even Better Results | Building a Law Firm 122

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 Three Law Firm Marketing Video Tips for Even Better Results My two video shows, Estate Planning TV (see it at http://cmslawfirm.com) and WA Probate TV (see it at http://pain-free-probate.com) account for a tremendous amount of my business. There are brand building advantages. There are law firm SEO advantages. There are no like trust advantages. And I’m always trying to get law firm owners to create a show for their law firm so they can get new clients on the regular. Most of the time I tell people “just turn the camera on and get started.” And that advice works, for the most part. Once you get over the fear of talking to the camera (which is who that initial advice is geared toward) there are some things you can do to make your videos that much more persuasive and impactful. Today we’re going to talk about three law firm marketing video tips. 1. Your Law Firm Marketing Video Background […]

Stop Listening to Law Firm Marketing Advice from Your Mother | Building a Law Firm 121

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 Stop Listening to Law Firm Marketing Advice from Your Mother I was playing golf with a guy last week that was not good. He wasn’t terrible, but you could definitely tell he was a beginner. As we made our way around the course one of the other guys that was with us, who was also not a good golfer, started giving him tips for changing his swing around. After a few holes of listening to this I leaned over and said to the guy… “If you actually want to get good go get a lesson from a pro. But whatever you do don’t pay any attention to what your fellow weekend duffer tells you about how to fix your swing.” At the same time that this was happening (okay, not EXACTLY the same time) I was involved in a coaching call where someone was challenging some proposed strategies because of some feedback they’d received… …from their mother (or spouse, […]
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