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Law Firm Foundations: 5 Books Jump Start Your Business

[leadplayer_vid id=”531499AD92A24″] Have you looked out there lately for good resources on starting and marketing a law firm? If you have, I bet you’ve been pretty disappointed. What I’ve been most disappointed in is that it seems as though everyone talking about law firm marketing is focusing only on what other law firms are doing. In my mind that translates to outdated, ineffective methodology. And I know, because I’ve spent time looking everywhere for help with my firm, and I’ve picked up a little knowledge along the way. Today I want to share that with you.

LFMM 014: Law Firm Radio Advertising 101

In this episode of Law Firm Marketing Mastery we talk about the basics of radio advertising. If you’ve been listening to any of the prior podcasts then you know I’ve been working out a plan for radio advertising for about two months now. And it’s finally finished! I’ve read books on radio advertising, scoured Google, talked to mentors and peers and coaches, and shaken down the sales guy at the radio station to learn as much as I can about radio advertising in as short amount a time as possible. And Now I Want to Share that Information with You!

LFMM 012: The 7 Levers of Every Law Firm Business

In this session of the Law Firm Marketing Mastery Podcast I decide that we’ve been beating around the bush enough and it’s time to start getting serious about ramping up your business. To do that, we’re going to talk about one of the easiest ways to immediately make more money with your law firm: examining how the 7 levers of law firm business are working for you. We’ve already talked about failure. We’ve already talked about some quick and dirty law firm marketing tips. But this week we’re all about business. And, by the time you’re done listening, I guarantee you’ll have a better understanding of the way your law firm runs and you’ll have some ideas for immediately putting more money in your pocket. In this Episode I Talk About: My week in review (including a big mile stone for my family); The 7 levers of every law firm business; and A team member that you should consider adding […]
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